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  • The Biking Amsterdam


    A typical canal street


    Biking in Amsterdam is not only a great experience, but it’s also practical. There are many advantages relating about biking in Amsterdam.

    First of all, you can access all areas of the city, where cars are forbidden. This makes the city much more enjoyable, eco friendly, and active. The parking in Amsterdam with cars is also an issue, but not for the bike. It is a common habit to see many bike rental centers at the Dutch capital.

    While you are bike riding, it’s the best way experiencing Amsterdam more directly, and the city is well known for it’s stunning architecture and vast background, and you can visit a lot of museums, galleries, and other important buildings. To reach every destination without a single problem, the best way to do it is on bike, which is also good because it’s faster and you can avoid traffic jams and it’s healthy and fit. Due the fact that it’s a clean city and less jammed by car, the city is known to be less polluted also. The city offers a variety type of bicycles and many people can enjoy them, the most common bicycle types are city bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and even recumbent bikes.

    View of a canal street

    View of a canal street

    As a bonus, because of the well connected bike roads all over the country, you may even have the possibility to ride and visit other neighboring cities that are close to Amsterdam like Haarlem, Zaandvort, Uthrecht, Alkmaar, Leiden, Almere and many more. Although the bike traffic is relatively safe in Amsterdam, a number of accidents do occur,mainly because of inattentiveness,issues with the canal, deaths by car incidents,drunk bike riding.The bike lanes at the dutch capital are well organized and developed, it is made of a unique concrete which helps you not getting wet even when it’s raining.

    Some of the cities top interesting points you might visit when you’re biking around are:

    – Anne Frank House, nowadays a biographical museum which is dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist called Anne Frank, where she was hiding during World War II from Nazi persecution. Anne Frank was known as a famous Jewish diarist and writer, famous for writing her biographical wartime diary “The Diary of a Young Girl” where she wrote her days and hiding in times of war. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, she with her family moved away from Germany to Amsterdam when the Nazis gained control the whole country and also to avoid oppression by the government. Despite that, they were trapped in Amsterdam by the German occupation of The Netherlands in 1940, and because the persecution of the Jewish population increased in 1942, she was forced to hide in some concealed rooms for the rest of her life in a building where her father used to work,by that time she also started writing her experience and her life during her hiding. 2 years later she was eventually betrayed and was caught and sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she died in 1945 by typhus. She became very famous posthumously

    -Rijksmuseum, serving as Netherlands national museum of arts and history, it is one of Amsterdam’s most complex and astonishing architecture.

    -Van Gogh Museum, is an art museum in Amsterdam inscribed to the works of Vincent Van Gogh and his peers.Vincent Van Gogh, was known to be famous for his rough beauty, emotionally honest paintings with bold colors. His works included self portraits and landscapes mostly. An anxious man with frequent bouts of mental illness, he died at the age of 37 in 1890, according to most rumors, by a gunshot which was self-inflicted.

    -Dam Square, is the cities town square, with it’s prominent buildings and frequent events makes the place an important location. It has 2 important buildings, The 15th century built Nieuwe Kerk and the Royal Palace. The Nieuwe Kerk is no longer used for church services, however it is an exhibition and it is used by the Royal Dutch families and individuals for  ceremonies and investitures. The Royal Palace was built in the 16th century and it became the royal palace for the Dutch Royal House. Dam Square is also an important shopping destination for shopaholics like the Nieuwendijk street,De Bijenkorf and the Kalvestraat and Damrak, where you can find numerous shops from cheap to the most expensive, it is a place where everyone can buy something. It also has a lot of restaurants, bars, fast food chains, and caffees

    The Royal Palace at Dam Square

    The Royal Palace at Dam Square

    -Canals of Amsterdam, which is basically the heart of the city and the trademark of the capital, is very complex and picturesque, with it’s lovely buildings and canals, makes the city an ideal destination. It was constructed in the 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age, the city has more than one hundred kilometers of canals, about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges. There are 5 prominent canal ring in Amsterdam and those are the : Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Singelgracht, Keizergracht, and Joordan.

    If you’re into nightlife, I personally could recommend some places like:

    – Whiskycafe l&b, the paradise for whiskey lovers, the place itself looks very good and it also serves you every type of whiskey you want. It is located at the famous city center party square called Leidseplein.

    other places you might wanna visit are: Jazz Cafe Alto, De Kroon, Sugarfactory, and mostly every club/bar in Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. There are always events and parties and the city does not have the reputation for being boring, monotone, tedious. You can find people from every corner of the world including the locals also, and since it’s an open minded city, everybody is welcomed and appreciated.


    Despite the positive facts about cycling, it also has several issues. The most usual problem in Amsterdam regarding to bike riding is theft,which is widespread and practiced quite often. It is estimated that yearly about.

    Renting a bike in Amsterdam costs roughly between 5 and 10 euros and there are bike tour guides also who can show the city much more properly


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