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    With a constantly revolving base, this mighty land is blessed with powers. It’s seemingly endless Great Wall, the legendary Terracotta Army, lantern villages; innovative cities add immense beauty to the country.

    If you plan to visit China, you are sure to enjoy the delicious cuisines, diversified culture, art & crafts and the love of the people. Travelling around here will let you discover so much but you can’t move on if you fail to have your travel tips on the list.

    Following are few details about China that can help you plan your trip wisely.

    The climate of China


    Annual average temperature in China / @photo by

    Beginning from the tropical in the south to sub arctic in its northern latitudes, the huge country symbolizes a very diverse climate. The north has cold and very dry winters between December and March, with temperatures in Beijing dropping as low as -4ºF (-20ºC). During summer, May to August, rain falls and temperatures soar.

    In south China, winters are short and chilly. But the around Guangzhou, summer brings typhoons and high temperatures between July and September.In central China the Yangtze River valley has long and hot summers between April and October, while in winter temperatures drop below freezing.


    Remember that you can buy almost any type of clothing in China, so don’t load your luggage with only clothes. Carry only what’s comfortable and don’t forget your adventure shoes. In winter, most parts of China would be in a cold spell, especially more so in the northern part. So carry layers of garments, normally, thermal or silk underwear with a sweater and padded jacket outside.

    For travel during spring or summer, you just need casual and designed for comfort. Take light cotton clothes that are easily washed and not too delicate.

    Accommodation in China

    Accommodation in China is generally convenient, and you are sure to find a hotel almost anywhere in China. However the hotels range in terms of variety from star-rated hotels, inexpensive hostels, local guesthouses to roadside inns. Besides standard comfortable star-rated hotels, hostels or inns in typical Chinese or local features are not in shortage, either.


    With countless languages spoken in the country, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken one. English is gradually being picked up but you won’t find many people speaking English beyond the well-known tourist destinations. Hotel staff and guides accompanying you during your China Travel Plan trip will speak English and will offer any assistance you may need. Hence it is advisable to carry a Chinese pocket dictionary to avoid any confusion.

    Shopping in China

    There are many exotic and unusual things to buy in China as the country is well-known for handicrafts. So you can present wonderful souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends back home.

    Don’t nor forget to pick up Silk, Tea, Antiques, Chinese Medicinal Materials, Arts and Crafts while you are around the country.

    Stay Connected

    While you are out of China, your loved ones will surely want to hear from you. But don’t commit a mistake of choosing expensive ways of communicating.

    These days, you certainly have emails, chat, Skype, etc to hear from your loved ones. Some hotels have Internet in hotel rooms or a special Internet lounge that you can use. Mobile Internet and fast connections are quite mainstream here.

    But if you aren’t connected to the internet, the only suitable option is a phone call. Now-a-days there are many services for making international phone calls, dedicated for travelers and are cheap and convenient to use.

    Hence you don’t have to empty your pocket or run to make calls to China and from China.


    Thinking of chop sticks? Eating Chinese food is not only tasty but also fun to learn the age-old tradition of using chop sticks. However it’s scary to wind up with an unpleasant surprise on your plate, as not all Menus are printed in English.

    Even if you do happen to find something familiar on the menu, it’s usually nothing like what you’re used to having. Hence you can get along a ‘Point- It’ book that can help you find pictures of vegetables, meat and drinks. It’s a must when travelling through China.

    Travel Safety

    China is known to be one of the safest countries in the world for personal security. But petty crimes do happen, especially in and around the major cities. Hence it’s advisable for travelers to enjoy their trip without interfering in any social matter. If you are carrying money, don’t show it in public.

    The country may not be practicing your religion but you have to respect the custom of the local ethnic groups. Always travel in interesting areas and shopping centers where a crowd is sure to be there. Do not voice openly any opinions contrary to China’s laws and code of ethics and morals.

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    Excellent tips for China. I am planning a trip next month, so I found it really helpful

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    Which cities are worth visiting in China?

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