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  • Switzerland – beautiful places and friendly people


    We have heard a lot of the punctuality of Swiss watches, we have also heard a lot about the chocolate, the banks, the mountains, the mixed culture, it is all Switzerland.

    The capital is Bern, but the largest city Zurich – both permanent guests on all ‘World’s most livable cities’ lists. But they are not the only places that should be checked out, the whole country is much like a little jewelry box full of gems everywhere you turn.

    The beauty of Switzerland is legendary, both the mountain landscapes and the cities, it is really magical, very clean and people – though a bit reserved – are really nice and polite. And if we are talking about beautiful places and friendly people in Switzerland, check out the below video that demonstrates that even the most harsh-looking fishermen can be very devoted when it comes to hospitality…

    The reasons to visit Switzerland

    It is the new promo video of My Switzerland, the official Swiss tourism board in which they are – very wittily I must say – advertising Swiss precision mixed with hospitality. The video is really funny and clever plus you get to see some pretty nice Swiss landscape – totally worth 1.5 minutes of your life!

    And now let’s get back to some must sees! Bern is especially interesting because its whole Old Town is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sights. The intimate small streets are full of nice old little wheels, but you have to see the Clock Tower as well as the Munster Cathedral, the city hall and many other wonderful old buildings.

    Zurich view

    Zurich view ©aforero/Flickr

    Zurich, apart from being the largest city in the country, is very significant from a cultural point of view. While walking past the City Hall, you need to visit the Grossmunster an amazing Romanesque-style Protestant church and Fraumunster after that, the beautifully designed glass windows of this church were made by Marc Chagall, the famous painter.

    The ‘rural’ side of the country

    Luzern, Switzerland

    Luzern view ©themonnie/Flickr

    Visitors say one of the most interesting town is Luzern. Besides the beautiful Town Hall, the Lion Memorial and Transportation Museum with lots of old vehicles, the surrounding mountains are breathtaking. We can get onto Pilat mountain on the steepest cog-rail in the world and then admire the beautiful Pilatussee lake on the top.

    Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva ©vasile23/Flickr

    Geneva is another cultural center with more than 30 museums all over the city. It is also called a City of Waters and Mountains, not by accident, the area of Geneva Lake is just perfect.

    There are a lot of events and festivals all year long, and generally, you can always find a lot of nice things and places to visit. Hope you will enjoy the above video, I think it is really funny and witty… I am definitely convinced to go to Switzerland and experience all the nice things the country has got to offer .

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    Shahid pervaiz TgAvatar
    Shahid pervaiz wrote on May 10, 2014:

    Switzerland is beautiful country.Beautiful place in this country.And beautiful people in this country.Beautiful area and motaians.

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