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  • Top 5 Coolest Science Museums in the World

    Geeks and science buffs of the world, your time has come. During today’s post I will try to present you five of the most interesting science museums in the world. These world-class museums are famous for using innovative technologies in order to explain the unexplained and help common folks like us understand the mysteries of science.

    Even if you find science classes to be unbearably boring, try not to miss the following museums: they are not only bustling with interesting information, but can be highly entertaining. As some of these amazing museums are only a few-year’s old, we might as well call them the museums of tomorrow:

    Corpus Museum – Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Just as its its fancy Latin name tells you, the Corpus Museum in Amsterdam has anything to do with the human body (and by anything I mean anything, even the human-shaped museum building). Here visitors can see, touch and hear everything that happens in a human body. All the museums sections are very realistic and offer a deep understanding of the human body.

    Heureka – Vantaa, Finland

    Heureka Museum in Finland is the place that turns hard-core science into a child’s play. Just imagine yourself learning about forensics by entering a role-playing game (in which you have to investigate a murder) or understanding the laws of physics as part of an adventurous journey through Galilei theme park.

    Many of the museum’s exhibitions are centered around some contemporary issues as traffic safety, environmental policies or the impact of science upon society.

    Exploratorium – San Francisco, USA

    Self-titled “the museum of science, art and human perception”, the Exploratorium in San Francisco is aimed at challenging both your mind and your senses. The key attraction of the museum is the so-called Tactile Dome, where visitors are locked in a pitch black room and invited to explore everything through their sense of touch. Most of the museum is highly interactive and allows visitors to understand the laws behind much of the everyday phenomena, illusions and mysteries.

    Miraikan – Tokio, Japan

    Miraikan, one of Tokio’s top museums, would translate into English as the ‘National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation’. Here at this state-of-the-art facility you will get the chance to discover the meaning of all those sophisticated terms that have been puzzling you for years: nanospace, embryogenesis or humanoid robot.

    Contrary to most people’s expectations, the museum is not all about robotics, but also about sustainable development, genetics and the mysteries of the Universe.

    National Air and Space Museum – Washington DC, USA

    Whether you are interested in the early history of aviation, want to find out more about the space race or explore the whole universe from the comfort of a planetarium seat, the National Air and Space Museum should be your first choice. The museum is part of the famous Smithsonian Institutions and consists of three facilities: the National Mall Building, the Udvar-Hazy Center and the Paul E. Garber Facility.

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