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  • The most unusual art museums in the world

    photo by meeshypants on Flickr

    The Louvre, the Metropolitan and the Tate are leading names in the world of art museums, and every traveler who has a soft spot for the arts should visit them in their lifetime, but sometimes you might not be in the mood to look at ‘serious’ art, and focus on the finer points of the brushwork orĀ  sculpture.

    For times like these, you’re better off if you try to look on the quirky side of the art world, and stick to museums that are far from stuffy and somber, and are downright irreverent. Have a good laugh, stare with incredulity or shudder with disgust while visiting some of the most unusual art museums in the world.

    Museum of Bad Art, Dedham/Somerville,Massachusetts, USA

    The Museum of Bad Art has two branches in Massachusetts, and it is a private collection catering for those who are tired of looking at great art (such as the valuable exhibits in famous art museum), are want to see some pieces that are so bad that they are good, and definitely impossible to ignore.

    The museum has over 500 visual atrocities that were created with serious intent, but failed miserably in the aesthetic department. If you think that it’s not worth going to a museum to see bad art, you should know that an artwork has to meet strict standards of ugliness in order to be accepted on display.

    5 Pointz, Long Island City, New York, USA

    5 Pointz is not so much bizarre as unconventional, although if you are used to art museums that generally look like the Metropolitan you will find this art venue a bit strange. 5 Pointz is considered a graffiti mecca, where artists from all over the world left their aerosol work on the walls of an abandoned factory building turned into studios.

    Almost every inch of the building is covered in a colorful jumble of graffiti, some of which are the work of legendary graffiti artists like Stay High 149, Tracy 168, Cope2, Part, and Tats Cru.

    The Cartoon Museum, London

    Many art snobs don’t see comics as a form of art, and few would even catalogue the London-based Cartoon Museum as an art museum. But comic book fans and those who like caricatures, cartoons and animation will be having a lot of fun at this unconventional museum.

    The gola of the museum is to preserve the best of British cartoons, comics and caricatures and to make them available for fans. Famous satirical cartoonists like Robert Searle and Robert Dighton have some of their best work on display at the Cartoon Museum.


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