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  • The funniest food museums in the world

    Spam Museum, photo by Larry Page on Flickr

    Museums are usually places where people go to educate themselves about art, culture or history, to look at interesting displays and sometimes at exhibits that are plain strange. Well, a food museum is definitely not your run of the mill museum, but if you love food or love eating, then they are a good place to spend an afternoon.

    Food is important, and apparently for many people it is important enough to belong in a museum. There are loads of food museums around the world, some of which are truly informative, others played just for the laughs. Either way, your amusement is guaranteed. Here are the funniest food museums in the world.

    Washington Banana Museum, Auburn, Washington, USA

    Washington and bananas are a strange match, after all you will hardly see any banana trees growing in this cool and rainy place. But the Washington Banana Museum is the place where banana lovers from Washington and beyond can bond over their love of this exotic fruit. The museum is the work of Ann Mitchell Lovell, a woman who loves bananas so much that she collected over 4000 banana-related items.

    Dutch Cheese Museum, Alkmaar, Netherlands

    photo by Jeroen Mul on Flickr

    Cheese is a serious business, just ask any French or Italian cheesemaker who sell their product for astronomical prices and for a select clientele. The Dutch Cheese Museum is anything but tongue-in-cheek: it has very interesting displays on the art of cheese making, its history in the Netherlands and the country’s traditions regarding cheese trade.

    The most fun part about the museum? Just outside it, there’s a cheese market where you can taste cheese and see demonstrations in cheese making.

    Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Yokohama, Japan

    Ramen is the staple food of many Japanese, as well as hungry and broke students from around the world who often survive on instant ramen. The ramen museum has huge displays on the history of ramen noodles (which are likely a at least a couple of thousand years old), as well as utensils for the preparation and consumption of this beloved dish. You can also see ramen packets from around the world, and commercials for ramen, and taste some samples at the museum shops.

    Deutsches Currywurst Museum, Berlin, Germany

    photo by Tim Lucas on Flickr

    Forget bratwurst and sauerkraut, for the past several decades the national dish of Germany has been the currywurst – pork sausages covered in sauce made of ketchup and curry powder.

    This museum opened in 2009, on the 60th anniversary of the dish. Don’t go hungry into the museum, or you’ll be driven mad by the smell of delicious currywurst, or the displays that look good enough to eat.

    SPAM Museum, Austin, Minnesota, USA

    If you’re American or if you’re familiar with American culture, you probably know about SPAM, the canned meat that has been sold in the US since 1937, and was extensively used during WWII. The museum has all sorts of interactive displays about SPAM, old advertisements, info about the food’s history and even a shop where you can buy SPAM memorabilia.

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