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  • Top 5 celebrity museums from around the world

    Hemingway House, ohoto by Vasenka

    In general museums are places where the work of artists are put on display, but sometimes the celebrity artist is interesting enough to warrant a museum for her or himself. Writers, painters and musicians from the past and present get their own museums if they are famous and intriguing enough!

    The (in)famous who leave memorabilia behind after their death, or reach unbelievable levels of stardom in their life have shrines made in their honor, where fans and visitors can pay homage or simply satisfy their curiosity. If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted and exciting museums experience, check out a few of the top 5 celebrity museums from around the world.

    Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Key West, Florida

    It’s hardly surprised that there should be a museum dedicated to Nobel prize winning novelist Ernest Hemingway – in fact, the Key West museum is only one of them. But what’s strange about the museum is not necessarily the memorabilia or the rather nice furniture in Hemingway’s home, but the museum’s resident 60 cats, half of them polydactyl. The cats are the descendants of Hemingway’s own pets – the author was a big fan and breeder of cats with extra toes.

    Museum of Celebrity Leftovers, Kingsand, Cornwall, UK

    Kingsand, photo by Mark Robinson

    Not all celebrity museums are about photos and memorabilia, as proven by the Museum of Celebrity Leftovers located in a small Cornish village. The owners of the museum had the wacky idea to exhibit the leftovers left behind by the village’s famous visitors.

    Among the displays you’ll find a piece of toast left by Pete Doherty, a bit of bread pudding that Charles, the Prince of Wales had taken a bite out of, and various other remnants of celebrity meals.

    Stoogeum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    If you know your way around America pop culture then must have heard about the Three Stooges, a comedy and vaudeville trio from the middle of the 20th century, who got famous with their short tv films. The stooges, Moe, Larry and Curly still have more than enough fans to visit the museum displaying stooges-related memorabilia. The Stoogeum is the only museum in the world dedicated to the Three Stooges, and it has some 50,000 photos and 20,000 objects on display.

    Edith Piaf Museum, Paris, France

    photo by biofriendly

    The famous French chanteuse is still much revered in her home country as well as in other parts of the world, and while most of her fans are satisfied with listening to her songs, a visit the her museum in Paris is also worth your time.

    Piaf’s museum is morbidly enough located very near her burial site, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, and it contains photographs of the singer and mementos donated by her family and friends.

    Grammy Museum, Los Angeles, USA

    The Grammy Award is one of the best accolades a musician can receive in the US, and the award ceremony is quite popular outside the US as well. If you’re a music fan, you will definitely enjoy this huge museum dedicated to all sorts of Grammy-winning music and musicians, from glam rock to country or hip hop.

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