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  • Weird museums in the US

    San Antonio

    San Antonio

    If you like art or science, it’s not difficult to find a museum where you can satisfy your curiosity. Art galleries, science or biology museums, history museums, or even more specialized museums like those dedicated to toys, chocolate or maybe stamps.

    Whatever you are interested in, you’re probably going to find a museum about it, but what about the times when you just want to see something different? When you’re not in the mood for any fine arts or anything really educational, there are a couple of museums that might pique your interest. So here are some weird museums in the US that will surely keep you from being bored.

    Leila’s Hair Museum – Independence, Missouri

    When she was a cosmetology student, Leila Cohoon loved hair so much that she decided to collect it. Now, over 60 years later, the collection expanded into an entire museum dedicated to hair.

    It’s not just simple hair that you can see at Leila’s Hair Museum, there are intricate wreaths, some of which date back to Victorian times. In addition to art made of hair, you can see some strands snipped off important people like Abraham Lincoln or Marylin Monroe.

    National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, Texas

    A museum whose motto is “any day above the ground is a good one” might sound a bit too strange for some, but it’s proven that you can find genuine enjoyment (or at least mild interest) in looking at a coffin shaped like a shallot or a giant crab.

    From Civil War era embalming displays and replicas of Victorian coffin factories, to coffins that were designed according to the wishes of the people commissioning them – even if what they want is a giant fish.

    Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas

    If you need some cheering up after visiting the funeral arts museum, drive to San Antonio and take a look at the art on display at the museum of Mr. Smith, a retired plumber who has been creating artsy toilet seats for over 30 years. Each toilet seat has a seat, and frankly, some of them are really too nice to be used. You have to call for an appointment before visiting, but entry is free of charge.

    Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Famous entertainer and pianist Liberace, who was once one of the highest paid entertainers in the world, opened a museum that is even more dazzling that all of the Strip at night. The displays in the museum are all connected in some way or other with the career of the charismatic entertainer: cars, costumes, jewelry and pianos, encrusted with rhinestones whenever possible.

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