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  • Desirable and Avoidable Destinations for the 4th of July Weekend

    With less than two weeks till Americans citizens world wide will celebrate their national day, it’s high time we decided where to take our families for this very special day.

    Two weeks might be a much to shorter time for grabbing some advance-purchase bargains, but with a little patience and research, it’s almost certain that you can find the kind of destination that can fit you pocket and match your tastes. Today we decided to give you a few tricks on how to avoid the 4th of July rush and rest assure that you get the best out of this patriotic holiday.

    If you don’t have any particular destination on your mind, then the best way to start would be with checking which destinations are the most searched for this summer (this unless you like the feel of swimming through a huge crowd). Considering that most people spend the 4th of July with their loved ones, many travel experts have recommended Orlando as a great 4th of July destination this summer.

    This sounds like a good way to reconcile your need for an escape with your children’s need for fun, but who would want to remember this day as a day they lost standing in queues? Why not head in the opposite direction for the quaint Cape Cod? Fireworks, thematic manifestations and epic picnics are guaranteed, and you have all water and sand to enjoy, minus the Florida crowds…

    Due to the splendor and unbelievable dimensions of its 4th of July manifestations, Chicago has always been a favorite destination for this time of the year. But no fireworks show can outmatch the historic Boston (after all, this is where everything began). There won’t be any Boston Tea Party reenactment, but you will definitely enjoy a weekend of free events, which culminates with the notorious Boston Chowder Festival.
    Make it its cool climate, festival culture or simply its inimitable atmosphere, San Francisco is another of America’s favorites when it comes to spending the independence day weekend. But why not spice up the traditional manifestations with a little Cinco de Mayo flavor and choose the buzzing San Diego instead? Here in San Diego Bay there’s a whole arsenal of pyrotechnic equipment, that will keep you gazing at the sky till the early hours of dawn.

    With its amazing power to attract people like a magnet, New York City is another obvious choice for American patriots all over. Instead of finding your way through the urban jungle, why not trying the real deal? I don’t necessarily mean Amazonia, but US Virgin Islands seem like a reasonable choice.

    These beautiful islands in the middle of the Caribbean will celebrate both Emancipation Day (July 3rd) and Independence Day with American solemnity and Caribbean joy. And to make things even better, prices tend to drop during this period of the year, not to mention that you won’t be needing a passport.

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