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  • Top 5 Iconic Soccer Stadiums

    Since the soccer fever is getting more and more intense with every day that brings us closer to the big final, we figured you would like to find out more about the sport that has conquered a whole world (with the exception of USA and Canada maybe, but USA seems to be making real progress).

    Even if you are not a soccer fan, it is impossible not the get goose bumps when seeing a crowd of 100000 people who seem to be feeling and acting alike.  Although there is a clear hierarchy of the world’s biggest stadiums (and many of them can safely be considered as architectural marvels), this is not why we are here. During the long history of football, some stadiums seem to have gained a place in the hearths of both football players and supporters.

    All the following stadiums are more of less enjoying their iconic status, so whenever you visit their host cities, make sure you reserve a couple of hours for an exciting game (nobody wants to see an empty stadium, after all).

    Maracana, Rio de Janeiro

    The English might be responsible for the invention of soccer, but now one seems to have such feel of it like the Brazilians. Rio de Janeiro had been the host of the world’s biggest stadium for decades and even after being reduced to half of its seat capacity, Estadio de Maracana hasn’t lost a bit of its grandeur. No matter what the final result, any match hold on Maracana will transform into an unforgettable experience.

    Estadio Azteca, Mexico City

    Where else but in America’s most populous city could the biggest stadium on the continent exist? If a 105 000 seat capacity seems reasonable, then what about letting you know that Estadio Azteca is the only stadium in the whole world to have ever hosted to grand finals of the World Cup? And don’t believe that it is only the soccer fever that can gather over 100 000 people together – Michael Jackson also did it in 1993. When you make a trip to the US, it’s an easy to grab an affordable airline ticket to Mexico City.

    Rungrado May Day, Pyongyang

    Despite its controversial (and often violent) history of Pyongyang, Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea is undisputedly the biggest stadium in the whole world. Officially, this super-stadium can accommodate as much as 150000 people and was designed to host the annual mass games, a type of mass performance in which thousands of people execute the same moves (it usually has a political content). However, the stadium does host the national team’s games, along with other national competitions.

    Beijing National Stadium, Beijing

    Among all the stadiums in the world, the bird nest shaped Beijing National Stadium in China is by far the strangest. Not only because of its bizarre architecture, but also for its solitary (and, according to recent rumors, ephemeral) existence. If you ever have an interest in this remarkable construction, make sure you visit it soon as there are plans to assign it to a more commercial purpose.

    Wembley Stadium, London

    Our list just wouldn’t be complete without the master of all European stadiums, London’s Wembley Stadium. Wembley might not be the oldest, nor the biggest on the continent but it is a central piece for European football as well as London’s biggest concert venue. Opened in 2007, the actual Wembely is the follower of an older stadium, that football fans all over the world acknowledged as the “Home of Football”. So then, catch a cheap flight to London for a great soccer event.

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