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    The 21st century seems to be one of fast and affordable travel. However, walking is still the most reliable means of transportation when it comes to sightseeing. To count just a few of its advantages: first of all, it is totally free; it gives you access the most hidden corners; you can see everything at your own pace; and. very important, it keeps you fit.

    Of course, there is always the risk that you get soar feet, but this is merely a disadvantage in comparison with the plenitude of your experience. Fortunately for walkers, the world still has enough places that are almost entirely hiker-friendly:

    Venice, Italy

    Few destinations in the world have ever enjoyed the popularity of Venice: thanks to its medieval splendor, the ‘Queen of the Seas’ is just as accessible to cars as it was four hundred years ago (more exactly, it’s vehicle free).

    There are only two ways to explore Venice: either along its narrow water ways or the even narrower streets. The map of Venice might seem more intricate than the labyrinth of Minos, but once you get there, you will see that the best way to discover Venice is to allow yourself to get lost.

    San Francisco, USA

    Considering the American lifestyle, you probably wouldn’t expect some US city to be among the most walkable cities in the world. Famous for its steep hills (although more that half of them have been already flattened), Golden Gate Bridge and vintage cable cars, San Francisco makes a great walk.

    Be ready to follow the footsteps of Jack Kerouac and Joe di Maggio in Little Italy, buy cheap souvenirs and dim sum in Chinatown, and get acquainted with the ‘painted ladies’ (the city’s colorful Victorian houses) from Alamo Square.

    Weimar, Germany

    Its relatively small size (the city has around 65 000 inhabitants) and impressive cultural heritage makes Weimar one of the most visited cities in Germany. It’s almost impossible to comprehend the number of famous people (Johann Sebastian Bach, J.W. Goethe, Frederich Nietzsche, Paul Klee and Marlene Dietrich) that have been the city’s residents and how so many castles, museums and academic institutions can be all within a few kilometers reach, but if there exists some incarnated symbol of German culture, that would be Weimar for sure.

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik was once Venice’s rival (unfortunately, a 1667 earthquake destroyed much of the beautiful renascence buildings). But the leftovers are enough to make Dubrovnik one of the most beautiful historic cities in eastern Europe, not to mention the incredible beaches. The walled city of Dubrovnik is totally walkable and 100% history.

    Wellington, New Zealand

    The capital city of New Zealand is more or less a modern city: none of its attractions is older than a century and a half. But the compactness of its center and the surrounding scenery (a unique combination of sea and forested mountains) turn Wellington into a thrilling experience. ?

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