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  • The Best of Europe’s National Restaurants

    A trip to Europe can be a great opportunity to admire fabulous cities, intriguing works of art and fascinating cultures. Depending on how deep you want to emerge into Europe’s eclectic culture, you can progressively learn to see less of the popular attractions and adventure yourself off the beaten path, This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should allow yourself get lost through some sordid neighborhood, just that you must find alternative ways to interfere with a country’s culture.

    Thus, you can try frequenting those bars and restaurants that have local clientèle, renting an apartment in a residential zone, going at the farmers market or even getting a temporary job. If you don’t have all that time, one option is to visit the kind of restaurants and bars that are typical for a certain country, just like the following (Although this technique is still far from the real culture immersion experience, it can help you get a better taste of some country’s habits and cuisine):

  • Popular Children-Friendly Destinations Across the USA

    Traveling with children is equally fun and demanding. Kids won’t always dig upscale restaurants or interminable museum visits, so if you are planning a family vacation this summer, you have to make sure that you also include some children friendly attractions. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily imply that you are stuck with Anaheim or Orlando; most US cities and national parks also have a children-friendly side – all you need is some little research. This is why today’s post is merely a teaser:

  • Fashion Capitals of the World. Next Generation

    When it comes to fashion capitals of the world, one cannot stop thinking about one (or more) of the big four: Paris, Milan, London and New York. Their importance in the world of fashion (and especially haute couture) is undeniable: here you can find the most innovative designers, prestigious fashion houses and glamorous boutiques.

    But this doesn’t necessarily mean that all the world’s fashion is concentrated in these four locations. Slowly but throughly, other big cities from around the world are building their way up to top five, releasing original creations on the market and welcoming visitors with posh boutiques and one-of-a-kind fashion shows. In today’s top five we have included some less known fashion capitals that have all the chances to become the 5th on the list:

  • Top 5 City Parks in USA

    From the bohemian French Quarter in New Orleans to the skyscrapers of Chicago, US cities are offering a great diversity of urban landscapes. But no matter how dizzying the architecture or how intense the nightlife, there is always room for a breath of fresh air and a patch of green grass. Accidentally or nor, the biggest cities in the US are also the ones that have the biggest parks.

    Their impressive size turn these city parks into authentic oases of relaxation; no matter how big the park, you will always find some unexplored corner, not to mention that, with all the entertainment and cultural facilities they encompass, these parks are bustling with events. The following city parks are, in our opinion, USA’s top 5:

  • Man-Made Wonders of the Modern World

    Many times during our travels we discover some places and buildings that seem to belong to another age. Despite the fact that few famous landmarks have no functional purpose (although there are some places that seem to be designed for the pure pleasure of the viewer), these constructions simply pop out of the background.

    And by this I don’t necessarily want to imply that they don’t belong there, just that some human constructions are so remarkable and unique, that it’s hard to focus on anything else in their presence. Without any further introduction, here come 5 modern man-made wonders:

  • 7 Most Luxurious Pools in the World

    Summer calls for some nice places to chill out and what can cool you off and help you relax better than a luxury pool? In a world in which pools have become a commodity, architects are in a fierce competition to design the most unbelievable pools.

    Rather then presenting you the world’s most luxurious hotels, today we will focus on some of world’s most famous pools (some of them so unique that they have become the major attraction from their hotels):

  • Amazing Places: Word’s Most Fascinating Ghost Towns

    Surprisingly or not, people don’t always expect nice views and life-changing experiences from their travels. Some just like to spice up their journeys with some goose bumps from time to time, which is also why many ghost towns have become favorite tourists destinations. Whether we’re talking about some dusty miner towns or medieval ruins, abandoned towns are likely to give us chills and thrills. And, depending on their level of conservation, some might be more just as educative as an open air museum. For today’s post, I have selected 5 of the most intriguing ghost towns around the world:

  • 5 Most Disastrous Oil Spills in History

    The Louisiana oil spill has been officially declared as the worst oil spill in history of the United States. Unlike most such accidents, which are usually caused by an oil tank being damaged, the leak generated by the BP platform explosion seems unstoppable. And while accusations and solutions are trying to make sense out of this controversial case, thousands of birds and sea animals die suffocated by the oil layer.

    Dolphins, pelicans, crabs and sea turtles are only few of the species whose existence is being jeopardized by the oil spill, not to mention the fact that some of the best Florida beaches are now covered in oil residue and tar balls. The only hope is for the Deepwater Horizon spill to be stopped before becoming the worst spill ever: and judging by its predecessors, statistics look quite gloomy:

  • Backpacking Europe: Bargain Shopping

    Our one week ‘Backpacking Europe’ series has reached its final episode, in which I decided to give you some useful tips on where you can go bargain hunting in Europe. As much as one tries to stick to the budget, shopping is the kind of experience that you just can’t say no to. Whether you go shopping for those places where you can get the best price/quality ratio.

    If you are determined to see the wonders of Paris, London or Rome, then get ready for considerable expenses. But as popular and over-priced some of these cities must be, keep in mind that locals must also have their shopping hide-outs and that there is no bargain-free destination. So here we go:

  • Backpacking Europe: 5 Most Beautiful National Parks

    Traveling from city to city and exploring Europe’s intricate history and architectural marvels is, in many cases, the backpacker’s main activity.  It is quite amazing to discover all the cultures, lifestyles and to meet so many different people, but let us remember that Europe, in addition to its cultural diversity, is the beholder of priceless natural treasures.

    This is why the best way to explore Europe is to find a balance between its urban culture and superb nature. You don’t necessarily have to climb the Mont Blanc: a few short hikes are enough for you to be able to admire some of the best landscapes on Earth. And judging from a purely pragmatic perspective, we must admit that nature is much less expensive then any city. Today I present you five of the most amazing places in Europe (coincidence or not, all these areas are in fact national parks):

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