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  • Luxury Edinburgh vacation for $1871

    Edinburgh skyline

    Edinburgh skyline

    Here come the most amazing Europe vacations of the year, from coastal Ireland tours for $359 pp to luxury Edinburgh vacations for $1871 pp. The latter is 3 nights long and includes round-trip Edinburgh airfare, accommodation, breakfasts, taxes and extras.

    If you want something warmer than the humid climate of Scotland, book 4 city Spain vacations for $1,413 per person, super cheap Greece trip from $580 pp or a week long Italy tour for $1,655 pp. Act fast, the best deals always sell out first!

  • Top Scotland and Ireland events in 2014

    Hogmanay in Edinburgh

    Hogmanay in Edinburgh ©Joe/Flcikr

    It is safe to day that Scotland and Ireland are two parts of Europe are among the most popular destinations on the continent. Many descendants of those who immigrated to the US come back annually to their motherland and many others come for the famous Celtic culture.

    If you are also planning a trip to Ireland or Scotland this year, let us help you with some of the top events in 2014 that will surely make you want to come back again!

  • Luxury Edinburgh vacation under $2000

    The George Hotel in Edinburgh

    The George Hotel

    Surprise yourself and your significant other with one of the Europe getaways found by our deal hunters this week, like a posh Edinburgh vacation under $2,000 per person. The vacation includes round-trip flight to Edinburgh, 4 nights at The George Hotel, city tour and more.

    If you want something more Mediterranean, get a Barcelona & Rome combo vacation from $1,095 pp or a Madrid getaway with air and car from $1,529 pp. If you would rather visit the central part of Europe, go to Germany for 6 nights under $1,000 pp or browse our other deals. But act fast, they will be sold out soon!

  • The craziest elevators in the world

    Gateway Arch, photo by Ryan Kelly on Flickr

    Elevators are not usually at the top of a traveler’s must-see list, unless they have watched a particularly good thriller or if they don’t like being confined in small spaces. Elevators are notorious for their uninteresting music often even more uninteresting decor, but as hard to believe as it is, there are several elevators in the world that are actually exciting. If you have never thought that an elevator ride would be something to write home about, then you definitely haven’t been on any of the craziest elevators in the world. Forget all you’ve known about elevators so far, and prepare for a truly exhilarating experience.

  • Traveling with kids: the best toy museums in the world

    photo by Jenni Douglas on Flickr

    When traveling with kids, it’s always difficult to find attractions that won’t bore them to tears (literally sometimes), but without ruining the whole holiday for the adults. If you like wandering through dusty museum halls and looking at exhibits for hours, here’s a compromise that might placate your kids or other youngsters in your company: visit a toy museum. Toy museums come in many shapes and forms: some are formal affairs with delicate toys that have turned from kid’s amusements to historical relics, but other museums are just like a huge play room. In any case, if you want your eight year old former self, or your eight year old traveling companions to have some fun, visit some of the best toy museums in the world.

  • The world’s best cities for romance

    Seville, photo by Herry Lawford

    Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and if you’ve missed  your chance to engage in some travel romance on February 14, there’s no reason not to seek out some romantic destinations at other times of the year too. A romantic getaway for two is never a bad idea, especially if you choose the right destination that can combine the right atmosphere for wooing with some interesting attractions, dining options and nightlife. Although Paris, the world capital or romance is the most obvious choice, there are lots of other cities in the world that manage to tickle a traveler’s romantic bone. Here are some of the world’s best cities for romance, for those who need a bit of sentimentality in their travels.

  • The world’s most underrated islands that make great travel destinations

    Maluku, photo by Eustaquio Santimano

    Bora Bora, the Cayman Islands, the many islands of Thailand and other island destinations that usually catch the traveler’s eye in brochures and guides are often the only kind of island destinations that are mentioned at all. Not only because they are naturally beautiful, but also because they are have well developed tourist facilities. But there are so many other islands and island nations on the planet that would do just as well, despite the fact that they get fewer visitors and are less well endowed with luxury resorts and touristy restaurants. Whether you like your islands tropical, exotic, rugged, windswept, tree-covered or cold, there are hundreds of islands is the world that deserve a little more attention from visitors. Here are some of the world’s most underrated islands that make great travel destinations.

  • The weirdest desserts in the world and where to eat them

    Deep-fried Mars bar, photo by audrey_sel

    The world is full of bizarre and often unexpectedly tasty foods that you can find when you travel, but savory dishes are not the only ones that your palate might find appealing. If you’re not quite ready for fried tarantulas or other assorted oddities, maybe starting with the dessert is not a bad idea. Having a sweet tooth will usually be enough to get you though a portion of dessert, but your taste buds should expect to be surprised in any case. Here are some of the weirdest desserts in the world and where you can eat them.

  • The best UFO spotting sites in the world

    Wycliffe Well, photo by Clair Taylor

    The universe is a infinitely mysterious place, and while most people have it difficult to explore their own planet (that would be a lifetime’s endeavor after all!), others are busy searching the skies for signs and visitors from places beyond our solar system. UFO sightings occur all the time, all over the planet, and whether they are hoaxes or real are up for debate. But if you like alien movies, sci-fi in general, or if you’re a ‘believer’, then why not visit some of the most famous places where UFO were supposedly seen? As far as wacky travel destinations go, these places are the cream of the crop. Here are some of the best UFO spotting sites in the world.

  • The best castle hotels in Europe

    Ashford Castle, photo by John Menard

    Not many of us can afford to buy a castle, but I’m sure there are quite a few travelers who have wondered about what it would be like to slip into the shoes of royalty and aristocracy for a few days at least. If you’re still waiting for that lottery win to buy your dream castle in Europe, you could get a taster of that kind of luxurious life by staying at a castle hotels. Sure, you won’t have the whole castle to yourself, but you will be treated like royalty while you’re a guest there. If you want to pamper yourself and daydream about a future of excess and riches, then you could stay at one of the best castle hotels in Europe.

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