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    Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and if you’ve missed  your chance to engage in some travel romance on February 14, there’s no reason not to seek out some romantic destinations at other times of the year too.

    A romantic getaway for two is never a bad idea, especially if you choose the right destination that can combine the right atmosphere for wooing with some interesting attractions, dining options and nightlife.

    Although Paris, the world capital or romance is the most obvious choice, there are lots of other cities in the world that manage to tickle a traveler’s romantic bone. Here are some of the world’s best cities for romance, for those who need a bit of sentimentality in their travels.

    Seville, Spain

    The Andalucian capital is at once Gothic, Moorish, and typically Spanish – in short, it is the kid of travel destination that you wouldn’t want to miss out on when traveling to the south of Spain. The Moorish palaces with their labyrinthine halls, the majestic cathedrals and airy plazas are just the spots for romantic walks, and the countless tapas bars are just the thing you need after a bout of sightseeing.

    Marrakesh, Morocco

    Marrakesh, photo by martinvarsavsky on Flickr

    Visit the modern part of Marrakesh and you’ll see a modern city like any other, loaded with nice restaurants and brand shops, but nothing really special about it.

    But step further into the heart of the city, into the old town, and you’ll find yourself in another world, one with narrow alleys, smoky shops, the bustle of souks and the smell of incense and spices. The Medina, the historic quarter of Marrakesh is romantic in the same way that the Arabian Nights are romantic.

    New York, USA

    The Big Apple draws those in search of fame, fortune and romance, and for good reason: this is one of the most incredibly romantic places on the planet. Have a picnic in the iconic Central Park, get a view of the city from above from the top of the Empire State Building and watch a show on Broadway, or just walk around Manhattan and bask in New York’s glamor.

    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

    Edinburgh, photo by Martin Pettitt

    Dark and smoke-colored Edinbburgh with its winding alleys, tall, many-storied neo-classical buildings and the bulk of Edinburgh Castle looming over the old town is probably one of the best places to get lost in Britain.

    The Royal Mile, Princess Street and George Square are perfect for walks, talks and stops at pubs and cafes.

    Kyoto, Japan

    Kyoto is widely acknowledged as the most beautiful city in Japan, embodying both the elegance and simple style of the past and the face of modern, 21st century Japan. The old quarters like Gion or Higashiyama, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle and many other shrines, temples, traditional teahouses and historic sights are more than enough to take romantic travelers back in time.

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