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  • The best over-the-top romantic destinations

    You may make fun of them and laugh them off, but unless you are a stone cold person there probably have been times in your life when you wanted to do nothing else but retreat to a completely cheesy and romantic hideaway and spend time with your loved one.

    The best over the top romantic destinations are sufficiently over the top in order to be great, and if you are in a romantic mood you will not regret choosing a place that is considered to be the epitome of romantic fluff. So embrace cheesy romanticism and have a great getaway!

    Paris, France

    It can’t possibly get any more ostensibly romantic than Paris, the capital of love and romance. Much of what Paris has to offer seems to be custom made for couples, starting with restaurants and cozy cafes to narrow winding streets where you can get lost. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Versailles are definitely a must-see, even if they are cultural attraction rather than hotspots for romance.

    Hayman Island, Australia

    Hayman Island, photo by Sarah Ackerman

    Tropical islands are high on the list of romantic destinations, but Hayman Island is the king of romantic indulgence. Luxury resorts like non other can be found on the island, and you can focus on the outstanding cuisine and other luxuries like pools, saunas, spas and exquisite beaches where you can sip brightly colored cocktails.

    Nassau, Bahamas

    Although it used to be a pirate den, today Nassau is a pastel-colored laid back city with small shops and restaurants and huge luxury cruise ships looming in the harbor. The old town is downright fetching and infused with colonial charm and the restaurants scattered around the city have a reputation for doing marvelous things with seafood.

    Santorini, Greece


    Greece legends and even history is quite big on romance, so it’s difficult to visit Greece and not get caught in its enthusiastic romanticism.

    Apart from the stunning landscape (which means that there are some amazing spots to watch the sunrise or the sunset), Santorini has tourist facilities where you can pamper yourself and loads of mysterious ruins that you can visit with your partner.


    There are not that many places in the world that are able to make you completely and utterly forget all your worries and the routine of mundane life, but the Maldives is one such place. The inhabited islands are fiercely Muslim, so no alcohol, pork are allowed (and neither are public displays of affection), but the resort islands are a free for all.


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