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    It’s said that Spring is the season for love and romance, but if you’re in a romantic mood then you can make any time of the year seem romantic. And even if freezing temperatures and heavy snow don’t sound like the most romantic things in the world for you, the beauty of travel is that all it takes is a flight and you can find yourself in a sun-drenched corner of the world that is just ripe for romance.

    So surprise your significant other with a trip to one of the top 5 romantic places to visit this winter, and if you’re in search of a romance, you might find it in these beautiful places.

    Anchorage, Alaska

    Anchorage, photo by Alaskan Dude on Flickr

    Anyone who has looked forward to the first snow during their childhood will agree that just a drift of snow that doesn’t manage to cover much of the scenery is profoundly unsatisfying.

    But if you visit Anchorage, in Alaska, all your snowy fantasies will come true in this magical places surrounded by glaciers and sparkling blue lakes. Soak up the stunning scenery, warm yourself up in cozy cafes and glamorous restaurants and visit the sights.

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Sweden’s friendly attitude, great cultural life and jaw-dropping scenery make it perfect for a couples getaway, and the city of Gothenburg, the second largest in the country, is the perfect place for a holiday. Gothenburg is famed as the most welcoming city in Sweden, and your experience in it can range from big city glitz to small town charm. Gothenburg has a bit of something for everyone.

    Florida, US

    Florida, photo by Jeffery Wright on Flickr

    If you’d rather spend a few winter’s days soaking up the sun with your partner rather than hurling snowballs, then Florida can offer you a summery place to escape.

    The beaches of Florida will be much emptier in winter than during the tourist season, which makes the place all the more romantic. Plus, winter is the time of discount packages – not the most romantic idea in itself, but definitely good for your bank balances.

    Ottawa/Kingston, Canada

    Why not make the largest skating rink in the world your next romantic winter destination? You don’t have to be a figure skating champion to fit in. The Rideau Canal connects Ottawa and Kingston, both wonderful destinations, and in winter the canal turns into a giant skating rink complete with paramedics on duty, refreshment stands, music and skate rental shops.


    Thailand, photo by Keith Parker on Flickr

    For two hardened globetrotters, there’s nothing more romantic then hitting the road together. The southern parts of Thailand have virtually no winter to speak of, and in the rest of the country winter will feel definitely warm and pleasant for anyone who comes from a temperate region.

    Living rough, visiting places off the beaten track and enjoying delicious Thai cuisine certainly doesn’t lack any romance.

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