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  • The most extreme adventure travel destinations

    Road of Death, photo by Jimmy Harris

    If you’re one of those travelers who can’t enjoy a trip unless there’s a decent dose of adrenaline involved, then you’re probably looking for something a little more dangerous than you’re run of the mill holiday destination.

    Hotels, nice spas or regular sightseeing are great, but when you want to feel the blood rush in your veins, you are probably in need of a few of the most extreme adventure travel destinations. So gather up your adventure gear and read on to find about some destinations that you  might like.


    Want to try your hand at hang-gliding? Hang gliding is somewhat similar to paragliding, but the delta plane that is used has its own motor and the hang glider can control the movements better, and the hang glider is also much  faster.

    Ecuador’s mountainous landscape is perfect for hang gliding – launch yourself from the top of Pichincha Volcano and glide above the Ecuadorian capital, Quito. There are several great hang/paragliding sites in Ecuador, and if you’re not an experienced glider, you can arrange lessons with a tour company.

    Iquitos, Peru

    Iquitos is the largest jungle city in Peru, and a wonderful destination full of attractions, but the main draw of this place is the thick jungle surrounding it. The Amazon river, the wildlife, the vegetation and the humid jungle atmosphere are attracting lots of adventurers to this destination. You can camp in the jungle with a guide and experience the wild fist-hand.


    Nepal is a pretty amazing travel destination any way you look at it, and adrenaline junkies will be happy to hear that it has some great bungee jumping locations too. If tied yourself with a rope and jumping off a high place is your thing, then how about 160 meters above Bhote Koshi river? Last Resort bungee jumping site is one of the longest in the world.


    photo by Shubert Ciencia

    There are many adventures to be had in the Philippines, and one of the most exciting things to do is river trekking – it combines goof old fashioned extreme sport with some nature sightseeing.

    Since Mapawa Nature Park opened in Mindanao, river trekking has been gaining popularity in the country. The river trek entails a grueling trek along the river, complete with five waterfall challenges.


    If you have a driving license and you want to do something really extreme in Bolivia, then all you have to do is drive from the capital of La Paz to the town of Coroico, via non other than the ominously named Road of Death. This road is less than 40 mile long, yet it is the most dangerous road in the world – it’s insanely narrow and has enough u-turns to make your hair stand on end.

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