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  • The most beautiful lakes in the world

    Plitvice Lakes

    Going to the seaside is not for everyone – some people just dislike salt-water beaches as a personal preference. Maybe you are the type of traveler who prefers a hilly or mountainous scenery, less seagulls and swimming in smaller, tidy lakes rather than the open sea. In any case, there are lots of lakes in the world that make a great destination, whether you’re up for a swim or you just want to relax close to water.

    You can take your pick of the most beautiful lakes in the world and have an amazing lakeside summer holiday!

    Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

    There are hardly any words to describe the beauty of these lakes located in Plitvice National Park in Croatia. It’s a series of sixteen interconnected lakes that are linked to each other through cascades. The lakes all have distinctive colors – green, blue, gray, azure, you name it – and they are surrounded by countless endemic species. For a nature lover, there’s no better destination that the Plitvice Lakes.

    Five Flower Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park, China

    photo by GreenArrow04

    Jiuzhaigou National Park is famous for its many wonderful lakes, but none of them are quite as amazing as Five Flower Lake, a shallow lake with astoundingly blue and clear waters, whose bed is criss-crossed with ancient tree trunks, giving it the appearance of a watercolor painting.

    The color of the water is changes from place to place, and ranges from sky blue to yellowish green.

    Lake Baikal, Russia

    Lake Baikal is the oldest and deepest lake in the world, the second largest according to volume and also one of the most beautiful. It is nicknamed the blue eye of Siberia, due to its unusual color. The lake it surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery, and it is home to a couple of thousand of rare species.

    Crater Lake, Oregon

    Crater Lake is famous for having some of the clearest waters in the whole world, so clear that they’re almost a perfect mirror in sunny weather. Besides seeing everything double, there are other interesting things to see here, for example ‘the old man on the lake’, a 30 foot tree stump which has been floating vertically on the lake for over a century (since the lake is so clear, you can see almost the entire length of the tree trunk).

    Peyto Lake, Canada

    This glacier lake in Banff National Park is popular both for the picturesque lanscape which surrounds it, but also for its unusual blue color which can best be seen from afar. The turquoise color is given by the particles of rock flour that flow into the lake from the glacier in summer – they reflect the sun and give the water a beautiful color.

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