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  • Best French Camping Sites

    Everyone needs a little bit of adventure now and then. So why not plan a trip in one of the best French camping sites? Pack your tent and prepare to pitch it in France’s overwhelming wine country dotted by farmhouses and featuring amazing medieval towns and fine weather. Moreover, apart from being quite an affordable option that is sure not to leave your packets empty, camping offers you the possibility to discover the nature and to live an exciting experience without any advanced technology… and that’s quite a challenge, isn’t it?

    Either located on the banks of rivers or overlooking spectacular mountain cliffs and gorges, the French camping sites are sure to impress you. Therefore, take a glance at the best camping sites on France’s map where you could unzip your tent and spend a magnificent vacation.

    La Brouquere

    Situated in Gondrin, the region boasting with both foi gras and infinite verdant vines, this camp site is reckoned for providing its guests with the best traditional camp food on the French territory. The camp site’s owners will offer you the tasty duck dish accompanied by a glace of Armagnac right from their cellar.

    Camping Domaine le Poiteau

    There’s no wonder the French wines are famous all around the world. After all, each region has a long lasting tradition and produces a particular refined wine. As a result, this camping site, located in Castlenau d’Auzan gained the camping lovers appreciation due to the fine wine and Armagnac the owners of the camp serve and in the same time due to the amazing natural countryside scenery.

    Le Grand Champ

    When camping at le Grand Champ the spectacular view the massive Mont Blanc and the Aiguille Midi create, it’s quite rewarding. So if you like to hike and to admire the snow capped mountain peaks, set up your tent at Le Grand Champ, in Chamonix. Moreover, the flavored fruit trees growing here scent the entire atmosphere.

    Bois des Ecureuils Campsite

    Located within the borders of the Brittany region and harbored by a wood of oak, this camp site’s main attractions are the cute squirrels that can visit you from time to time, especially if you tempt them with nuts. Otherwise, make sure you keep your tent zipped if you’re not looking for big, fluffy tailed guests :)

    Camping Les Sables d’Argent

    Stop by the Camping Les Sables d’Argent to enjoy a fun-filled time either relaxing on a comfy beach chair on the golden powdery sand or surfing, windsurfing, playing tennis, horse riding, cycling, fishing or if you’re daring enough, sky diving. The camping is surrounded by pine woods which makes the camping a peaceful place to spend your time.

    Le Brèvedent

    Fit up in Le Havre on the green grounds of one of Louis XVIth’s hunting lodges, le Brevedent’s main asset is the great food ranging from Moules, crevettes cooked a la francaise to fresh fruit and vegetables. The facilities like the maze and the pool guarantee the tourists a one-of-a-kind retreat.

    Les Romairins

    The location of this camp site on the Cote d’Azure cliffs, right in between the vibrant city of Nice and the luxurious Monaco is absolutely dazzling. With yachts piercing the horizon and dotted by olive trees, Les Romairins is an ideal place for camping. And if you’re starved you can always go to the restaurant Chateau Eza to delight your taste buds with the exquisite French cuisine.

    All in all, if you’re looking for an amazing, yet affordable manner to spend your summer holiday set up your pitch in one of these places pinpointing the crowded camping map of France.

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    Camping Croatia wrote on February 22, 2011:

    Hi, is there a list of top camping sites in Croatia? It would be nice to see your ranking of camps in Republic of Croatia. wrote on February 25, 2011:

    Great information here onthe regions but I’m thinking ofa lightweight camping trip to France this year and I’m wondering if you have any information on the best areas for cycle camping (I will need to carry all my kit)



    najem jadrnice wrote on March 22, 2011:

    Great reviews of camping places! Could you point me also to some camping places in Italy?

    Thomson Al Fresco wrote on July 26, 2011:

    France is excellent for camping as it has great facilities and a nice approach to it. We have a couple of sites in France but ultimately it comes down to what type of holiday you are after. Some regions are more relaxing while others are great for outdoor sports.

    Charter wrote on December 2, 2012:

    Great informations about best camping places in France. This will be helpful when I will visit France. Regards from Slovenija…

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