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    Each trip comes with a different destination and features a separate goal. You visit Paris to make a tour of the most important museums, history-soaked buildings and to gaze at the Eiffel Tower, you go to the Caribbean to bake yourself under the sun, to relax on a comfy beach chair or to do all sorts of water sports or you can make Austria your destination for a top-notch ski resort. Therefore, travelling is all about discovering new places, relaxing, admiring architectural or natural wonders that are famous worldwide. However, there is another goal that adventure-seekers may have in mind when travelling and that is…food! Well, to be more precisely food adorned with fun and served each year at the most exquisite food festivals across the world! Every year, the food festivals draw many tourists fond of dainties, but also curious travelers eager to taste the traditional dishes and local veggies and fruit displayed.

    La Tomatina

    This festival held in the town of Bunol, in Valencia Region has quite a tradition since it took place for the first time around 1945. It’s not a typical food festival, but a tomato fight that involves every year almost 30000 participants. However, before being thrown each tomato is squeezed in order to avoid undesirable injuries. In spite of the food wasting, you can always grab a fine meal at one of the restaurants hosted by the city.

    White Truffle Festival

    This festival is hosted by San Miniato in the Italian region Tuscany and it is always organized during the last three weekends in November. The stalls placed in front of the tents are crowded with dishes containing truffles, but the merchants sell other products as well such as mushrooms, cheeses, salamis, olive and bottles with the new wine (“vini nuovi”).  Still, most of the products are truffle-oriented so this is the perfect place to buy truffle oil, jarred truffles, truffle butter, jam, liqueur or champagne.

    Castroville Artichoke Festival

    California is not only the wine country, but also the artichoke capital worldwide, harbouring the festival of this vegetable each year in May, in the Castroville city. Provided you decide to attend this festival, expect to see parades, cooking demonstrations, a 3D food art contest and a classic car show. Apart from all that, it features activities for adults and children, music and teaching food courses. Once you took some lessons, you’ll know how to prepare fried, sautéed, grilled, marinated or pickled artichokes.

    Wildfoods Festival

    When visiting New Zeeland, you can always stop by Hokitika to become one of the Wildfoods festival goers that enjoy every year in spring a unique and exotic culinary experience. Among other exotic dishes, you can taste the fried huhu grubs, the wasp larvae ice-cream, the jellied grasshoppers, the sheep milk cheeses or fried clams. Take courage by drinking a glace of wine or a pint of beer. Best of all, with each edition of the festival, new dishes are added up to the strange menu.

    The festival is also the best time to witness music stars, dancers and comedians going on stage or take part at a particular wine degustation.  You are also allowed to participate to a competition that is destined to find the most amazing artwork for flyers and posters used subsequently to bring fame to the festival.


    Apart from being one of the best festivals of degustation in Netherlands, Preuvenemint has also gained popularity as a charity event. In this way, you can give money for a noble cause and venture inside Maastricht’s market square to savor the delicacies provided by the city’s restaurants. So if we managed to pique your hunger, mark the month of August on your calendar and do not forget to change your cash into preuvenelaps, the festival’s money.

    All in all, satisfy your appetite at one of these festivals and don’t forget to visit the surroundingS or the important touristy objectives…after all, travelling is also about new adventure-filled experiences!

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