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  • World’s best festivals for gay women

    Euro Pride festival

    Euro Pride Charles ©Hutchins/Flickr

    Summer is far behind us now, so it is time to take a look behind to the best parties of the year – more specifically the best gay parties of the summer. Let us see which were the greatest parties and which ones do you have to attend next year.

    Here is a collection of the world’s best festival for gay women you should definitely check our and maybe start planning your trip there the next year!

  • Top Belfast festivals in the spring of 2013

    Ship at the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival

    Ship at the Maritime Festival ©

    The capital of Northern Ireland has had a rather infamous reputation during The Troubles but fortunately a new era had arrived to Belfast. Life is more peaceful now, but not less eventful.

    As the short video shows, Belfast is lively and fun and full of things to do. To prove you that and make the city a desirable destination for you, behold the top Belfast events in the spring of 2013.

  • The Gathering – Ireland events in 2013

    The Gathering 2013 - a 365 day long celebration

    The Gathering 2013 – a year long festival

    They have saved you a seat… in Ireland. The country’s famous comedian, Andrew Maxwell is helping to promote the Gathering 2013, Ireland’s campaign to attract visitors with thousands of events throughout the year.

    You can watch the video in question below, it’s really funny, especially when they sprinkle Mr. Maxwell with water… ups, spoiler alert. Let’s see what awaits you in Ireland this year.

  • The best spring events in Asia

    Takayama Spring Festival, photo by Paul Robinson

    Spring is coming in Asia, and even if in some parts of this vast continent the season is not noticeable as in the northern areas, people everywhere celebrate it with festivals, dances and other events. Traveling through Asia this time of the year allows you to be part of these yearly rituals, and experience firsthand the culture of the country you’re visiting. Small events that few travelers find out about will be happening in towns, cities, villages, but a few of them are famous enough to draw people from all over the world. So if you find yourself in Asia in the next few months, here are some of the best spring events in Asia that you might want to attend.

  • Festivals to travel for: The Burning of the Witches in the Czech Republic

    Prague, photo by Dario Garavini

    Officially, the Czech republic has only been around for less than two decades, but never let it be said that it doesn’t have enough history and traditions to fill an entire library. In one form or another, the Czech Republic has had a pretty important role in European history, so its attractions are not only natural, but historical as well. The cities and towns of the Czech Republic are rich in culture, but they are the kind of destinations where you can easily spend your day sightseeing and still find some nice venues where you can go out and party 21st century style in the evening. However, one of the most fun things a traveler can do in the Czech Republic is attend one of the countless festivals and fairs that happen almost monthly. Read on to find out more about one of the Czech festivals to travel for: the Burning of the Witches in the Czech Republic.

  • 5 fun things to do in Papua New Guinea

    photo by eGuide Travel

    There are few places left on the planet that can still be called unexplored, at least when it comes to tourists. With tourism booming all over the planet, not many countries ignore their potential to attract wanderers from far away. And yet Papua New Guinea is the kind of place where only the most intrepid travelers venture, thanks to a long-standing reputation for danger and crime. However, Papua New Guinea is capable of offering one of the most authentic travel experiences you could ever dream of – since there is hardly any tourist infrastructure, all that you see is unfeigned and natural. Fascinating culture, diverse topography and incredibly friendly people make any travel experience in PNG unforgettable. To give you a taster, here are 5 fun things to do in Papua New Guinea.

  • Top 5 autumn travel ideas

    According to some, summer is the best season for traveling, and although each traveler probably has their personal preferences regarding seasons, every time of the year is fit for some type of travel, or some destination or another. Autumn can be rainy and dreary in some parts of the world, while in other corners of the planet the fall season is the time of the year when everything is at its most brilliant and colorful. Eve if you had a summer full of great trips, don’t waste your autumn and its many possibilities for travel – to give you nudge, here are top 5 autumn travel ideas.

  • Top 5 travel ideas for Labor Day 2011

    Labor Day is just around the corner, so if you haven’t decided yet what you’ll do during the extended weekend, it’s time to think fast. Although a short weekend does not allow for lavish holidays filled with dozens of activities and destinations, a quick getaway on Labor Day is always a welcome break – especially it’s been some times since the last time you traveled.

    So pack some clothes and maybe your favorite book and get away from daily life for a short while, and to help you here are top 5 travel ideas for Labor Day 2011.

  • The best Gypsy music festivals in the world

    photo by Songbird Ocarina

    Gypsy music is one of the most fun, creative and diverse styles of music in the world. And as with any other kind of music, it’s not that easy to draw its borders – so we have traditional gypsy music, Gypsy jazz, gypsy punk and maybe even others.

    And if you’re interested in this soulful kind of music, there are lots of events where you can listen to the greatest Gypsy music bands in the world. Grab your festival gear and go to one of the best Gypsy music festivals in the world.

  • The best Spring festivals in Spain

    That the Spanish people love their fiestas might be a stereotype, but nobody can deny that they do seem to have a knack for organizing parties and festivals, especially if we’re talking about traditions. In Spring, Spain has more festivals than many countries, and although not all of them are celebrated nationwide, they always draw quite a crowd of visitors from all over the country, as well as throngs of tourists.

    So if you are planning on visiting Spain this Spring, take a look at this list of the best Spring Festivals in Spain to see if there’s something exciting happening at your chosen destination.

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