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  • 5 fun things to do in Papua New Guinea

    photo by eGuide Travel

    There are few places left on the planet that can still be called unexplored, at least when it comes to tourists. With tourism booming all over the planet, not many countries ignore their potential to attract wanderers from far away. And yet Papua New Guinea is the kind of place where only the most intrepid travelers venture, thanks to a long-standing reputation for danger and crime.

    However, Papua New Guinea is capable of offering one of the most authentic travel experiences you could ever dream of – since there is hardly any tourist infrastructure, all that you see is unfeigned and natural. Fascinating culture, diverse topography and incredibly friendly people make any travel experience in PNG unforgettable. To give you a taster, here are 5 fun things to do in Papua New Guinea.


    PNG is a mecca for birdwatcher, since it is home to over 700 species of birds, including the elusive and colorful birds of paradise. There are several tour agencies that can take you on birding expeditions, but if you prefer the independent route, you can just get a pair of good binoculars and ask locals for pointers. Kiunga, Mount Hagan and Tari are some of the best birdwatching areas in PNG.


    photo by eGuide Travel

    The lush mountains, foothills and lowlands of Papua New Guinea are perfect for trekking and hiking, especially if you want to go on for days without encountering a single soul.

    But getting lost in the wild is not the only option: you can follow the famous Kokoda Track, a collection of trails and old trading routes that are very popular with travelers to PNG.


    Tribal and traditional cultures are some of the main attractions of Papua New Guinea, and a great way to explore the diversity of people, languages and cultures in the country. There are several festivals that draw quite a large crowd of spectators, for example the Enga Cultural Show, Mount Hagen Show (more than 700 tribes come to this celebration of tribal diversity), the  Tumbuan Mask Festival, the Goroka Show and Hiri Moale Festival.


    photo by Arthur Chapman

    Flightseeing, sightseeing from a plane, is definitely not the cheapest way to see a country, but if you can afford it then you will see a side of PNG that few travelers get to see.

    There are many small airstrips in remote places that can be reached through flights on Airlines PNG. The scenery is always stunning, and most of the airstrips are unusual to say the least.

    Scuba diving

    PNG has several memorable scuba diving spots, even close to the capital city, Port Moresby. Bootless Bay near Port Moresby is quite good when it comes to underwater life, and offshore reefs like Suzies Bommie and the wreck of Pacific Gas are also amazing.

    Mile Bay is recognized as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world, but don’t stop here, and visit other scenic underwater sites in Tufi, Kimbe Bay and the South Coast.

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