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  • The Gathering – Ireland events in 2013

    The Gathering 2013 - a 365 day long celebration

    The Gathering 2013 – a year long festival

    They have saved you a seat… in Ireland. The country’s famous comedian, Andrew Maxwell is helping to promote the Gathering 2013, Ireland’s campaign to attract visitors with thousands of events throughout the year.

    You can watch the video in question below, it’s really funny, especially when they sprinkle Mr. Maxwell with water… ups, spoiler alert. Let’s see what awaits you in Ireland this year.

    Ireland’s craziest festivals

    At the annual RedHead Convention everybody has got red hair – or at least the majority. This great festival celebrating Celtic physiognomy is held in county Cork; it also supports a cancer awareness charity.

    If you want something macho, you can visit the Town of a 1,000 Beards on June 28 in Ballymoa, Galway. If you haven’t got a beard, you can acquire a fake one, but if you are bearded, you can participate at one of the many beard contests.

    On the second weekend of August the town on Mullingar in county Westmeath invites you to celebrate being a lefty at the Left Handed Festival where everything from hotel rooms to sports, even driving is left handed for 5 days.

    The Left Hand Festival poster

    Poster of the Left Hand Festival

    You can also visit the Puck Fair in county Kerry where the king of the fair is a freshly captured wild goat. The 4 day long festival is 400 years old and involves all the things a fair is fun for and a little extra weirdness…

    Diverse events in Ireland

    The Gathering includes all sorts of events it is basically a 365 day long celebration. One good example is the Messiah Gathering, a 3 days guided tour involving high quality musical experiences.

    The Gathering 2013 - a 365 day long celebration

    The Gathering 2013 – a year long festival

    Long miles of coast lines await the lovers of surfing and other water sports. All over the country, all year long hundreds of festivals and events involving music await the fans of Irish, Celtic and international rhythms as well.

    After so much excitement you can even attend a stand up comedy show, maybe even see Andrew Maxwell himself performing and enjoy some traditional Irish humor.

    Don’t forget that Saint Patrick’s Day is coming and with all these new attempts to promote the country, the celebration will be busier with some of the coolest and craziest events Ireland has ever seen.

    So now that your seat is saved, all you need to do is get on a plane and join in to the great gatherings of 2013. So, what kind of events would you be interested in? Maybe I could even help you find the gathering you would like to go to…

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    mary TgAvatar
    mary wrote on August 29, 2013:

    On Aug 4th my girlfriend, as an innocent bystander at Keels archway, was struck by a glass and left permanently blinded in her right eye after returning to her native Birr, county offaly from Canada. As part of the gathering Birr was celebrating a vintage week. I do not understand why Ireland allows people to drink in the streets with bottles and glass rather than use plastic cups. I am outraged that this has happened. Ireland must change its laws to prevent another such disastrous incident

    lori wrote on September 11, 2013:

    Hi Mary,

    Horrible news to hear about and we are very sorry for your girlfriend…

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