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  • Best pubs in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is quite a big holiday in the US, especially in the big cities where exciting parades are held every year. And while there’s no questions about the fun that you can have at a St. Paddy’s parade in the US, the real thing is definitely worth checking out.

    If you are planning to go to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, you should celebrate in the local style. So after attending the parade while wearing green and waving Irish flags, the next step is to retreat to a traditional pub and continue celebrating with a pint of Guinness and some good Irish pub grub. Here are the best pubs in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day.

    Tigh Neachtain’s, Galway City

    Galway is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland. It has a fair size, so there’s always something to do, it is located in one of the most picturesque regions in the country, and there are plenty of historical or cultural attractions to keep you busy.

    The St. Patrick’s Day parade is lively and colorful, and there is a good selection of pubs for the after-parade celebration. Tigh Neachtain’s is located on one of the busiest streets of Galway, and it hasn’t changed at all for decades. The owner, Kimmy Maguire, was born in the apartment over the pub, and vows by keeping things traditional.

    Thomas Connolly’s, Sligo, Co Sligo

    Sligo is not a big town, but it is charming in a quiet way, and despite being located in a vastly underrated region, it has enough to offer in terms of entertainment, shopping and eating out. The main street of the town, O’Connell Street, is for pedestrians only, and this is were the parade usually take place. Thomas Connolly’s is one of the most atmospheric pubs in town, with nice Kilkenny flagstones, wooden furniture and a long bar.

    The Stag’s Head, Dublin

    If you’re heading to the Irish capital for St Patrick’s Day, you can pop by the Stag’s Head for a few drinks, but also for sightseeing, because this is one of the most charming landmarks of the city. The pub is popular with students from the nearby Trinity College, and the quirky/intellectual types of Dublin. Former patrons include James Joyce, Michael Collins and even Quentin Tarantino, and the pub was even featured in the film A man of no importance.

    De Barra’s, Clonakilty, Co Cork

    Clonakilty’s St Patrick’s Day parade is a typical small town parade with lots of fun and good cheer. Although quite a few people take part in the parade, the atmosphere is almost cozy, and always welcoming. If you want a pub with a homey yet special feel, head to De Barra’s. The pub is decorated with scores of musical instruments displayed on the walls, and there’s a small auditorium where the Barra Folk Club perform regularly.

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