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zlori It's Monday - should I tell more? on May 30, 2011

January 18, 1983
Home town:
Oradea, Romania
countries visited:
Hungary, France, Romania, Belgium, Germany, India, Poland, Reunion, Slovakia, United Kingdom, United States
favorite places:
Budapest, Berlin, Kaposvar

Native language:hungarian Occupation:IT Engineer, Programmer, Editor, Writer, Translator, Corrector, Cook, Masseur, and everything else Interests:all: books, culture, polithics, history Slogan:Don't worry, be happy, taken it easy.. 
Languages:romanian Eye color:green Hair Color:light brown Height:6' / 183cm Weight:168lbs / 76kg Smoke:sometimes Religion:protestant Favorite cities:Budapest, Berlin, Kaposvar Favorite books:Joseph Heller: Catch 22, Emile Ajar: La vie devant soi, Páskándi Géza: Az árnyékfejtők Favorite movies:Equilibrium, Fight club, Pay it forward Favorite music:jazz, soul, reggae, funk, hip hop, classical 

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1. Short visit in Biharugra (added on Jul 18, 2008)

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1. Oscar Anderson House Museum - Anchorage, Alaska (added on Feb 27, 2011)
2. Explorium - Lexington, Kentucky (added on Feb 27, 2011)
3. Sebastiano's Restaurant - Toledo, Ohio (added on Feb 16, 2011)
4. Cincinnati Museum Center - Cincinnati, Ohio (added on Feb 4, 2011)
5. Wildwood Manor House - Toledo, Ohio (added on Feb 4, 2011)
6. The Amazing Pizza Machine - Omaha, Nebraska (added on Jan 18, 2011)
7. The Durham Museum - Omaha, Nebraska (added on Jan 15, 2011)
8. False Cape State Park - Virginia Beach, Virginia (added on Jan 8, 2011)
9. Harley Davidson Factory Tour - Kansas City, Missouri (added on Dec 4, 2010)
10. Vance Kirkland Museum - Denver, Colorado (added on Nov 11, 2010)
11. Grace Fort Worth - Fort Worth, Texas (added on Oct 25, 2010)
12. Log Cabin Village - Fort Worth, Texas (added on Oct 21, 2010)
13. Fort Caroline National Memorial - Jacksonville, Florida (added on Oct 15, 2010)
14. Folk Village Museum near Seoul - Seoul, South Korea (added on Sep 29, 2010)
15. Eighteenth Street Lounge - Washington, District Of Columbia (added on Aug 25, 2010)
16. Detroit Princess Riverboat - Detroit, Michigan (added on Aug 13, 2010)
17. Down The Hatch Restaurant - Ponce Inlet, Florida (added on Aug 5, 2010)
18. World's best funhouse - Chicago, Illinois (added on Aug 4, 2010)
19. Magnificent Mile - Chicago, Illinois (added on Aug 4, 2010)
20. World's largest indoor Aquarium - Chicago, Illinois (added on Aug 3, 2010)
21. Axis - Boston, Massachusetts (added on Jun 29, 2010)
22. Ballona Wetlands - Los Angeles, California (added on Jun 29, 2010)
23. Catedral - Seville, Spain (added on Jun 20, 2010)
24. Bellagio Buffet - Las Vegas, Nevada (added on Jan 27, 2010)
25. Disneyland - Los Angeles, California (added on Jan 20, 2010)
26. Visit it on the winter - Zakopane, Poland (added on Aug 28, 2009)

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