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  • Top 5 Best Zoos across the USA

    When travelling with your children, it’s very difficult to find a holiday destination that is sure to meet your tastes and that of your little ones as well. Since kids are after games, sports and in most of the cases their lack of patience doesn’t match the idea of a tour featuring important monuments and museums,  we advise you to consider including in your travelling itinerary a trip to one of the best zoos in the country. Apart from being an educative experience for your children providing them with information on multiple species, such a visit can turn into a fun-filled manner to spend time with your family…not to mention that most of these zoos are home to some endangered species that no longer live in the wild and the only way to ever see them is by paying a visit to these facilities.

    Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, Texas

    Built up a century ago, this zoo has gained reputation worldwide by offering the animals great living conditions in the form of natural habitats. This zoo harbors more than 350 species of animals from all the continents, except for Antarctica, numbering also multiple local fauna (like domestic goats, Guinea hogs, domestic chickens, opossums) and flora species. Here you have the possibility to learn about the wildlife in Texas and also to wander in a reconstructed town with houses featuring the same architecture as they had in the early 1900’s. A ride on the carousel will make your children grin ear-to-ear.

    Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona

    When in Arizona, you should definitely stop by to visit arguably one of the largest zoos on the American territory covering 125 acres of land. Housing more than 1200 animals, this zoo’s main attractions are the African lion, the Aldabra tortoise, the baboon and the giraffe. You can make a quick tour of the zoo by hopping on the Safari Train which circles the entire facility. At the end of the ride enjoy the Wild About Animals Show and buy some plush toys for your kids.

    Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach, Florida

    You can venture inside the Lion Country Safari with your own car drive about 4 miles and gaze at the zebras and giraffes that frolic in their natural habitat. For security reasons, the lions’ savannah-like home is surrounded by fences that you cannot cross. You are also allowed to fees some of the animals and that could be quite a memorable adventure.

    San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California

    Praised for its size and the involvement of the human caretakers in offering the animals the best conditions, this zoo often tops the list of best, most modern zoological parks in USA. The zoo is cage free, with the giraffes and other species running and roaming freely. In spite of harbouring more than 4,000 animals and 880 species, most of the animal-lovers come here to take a glance at the Giant Panda.

    Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio

    Divided into eight regions, each of them harboring species living in a particular area of the planet, this zoo is worldly reckoned for being a natural paradise. Once you get here, you can take a train or a boat in order to tour particular regions within the zoo. Currently holding the title of America’s oldest and largest zoo, it harbors over 5,000 animals including also a golf course, a water park and an amusement park. Hence, there is something here for all ages to enjoy: both you and your children can have tons of fun and laughs and after admiring the animals and the singing birds you can go for a ride in the carousels or have a bite.

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    Allen Nyhuis wrote on August 2, 2009:

    Your list of the “5 best zoos” is not bad. I personally have a hard time classifying Lion Country Safari as a “zoo” — but I do agree it’s fun. For me, ANY “Top 5″ list has to include Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and NYC’s Bronx Zoo. Add in San Diego, Columbus, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom (in Orlando, FL) and you have MY “Top Five Zoos”.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos

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