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  • Pocket-Friendly Objectives Across USA

    The United States is home to top-notch, expensive cities worldly reckoned for their exclusive, luxurious restaurants, seven-star hotels and glossy shops. The American territory is crowded with travel destinations that are sure to quench every traveler’s needs:  magnificent landscapes created by The Grand Canyon or the Niagara Falls, amusement parks like the Disneyland Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park or other famous landmarks such as the Universal Studios Hollywood Park, the sun-drenched Waikiki Beach or Times Square.  While the beauty of the landmarks will leave you breathless, the price of a tour/vacation in the USA will have you running for the hills. However, a pocket-friendly vacation is possible even in the most expensive states on the American continent, proving that some well-done research can provide you with unexpected travelling gems and in the same time can help you save a mint. So let us countdown the free objectives across the USA that deserve your attention during these belt-tightening times.

    New York

    It is well-known that a trip to New York can leave you with an empty wallet, but if you include in your itinerary some of these freebies hosted by the City that Never Sleeps, you’re definitely going to save some big bucks. Among New York’s free objectives the following top the list: Times Square, the Empire State Building or Central Park. Best of all, you won’t have to pay a single penny for taking some pictures. Moreover, the access to the Rockefeller Center or the New York Public Library is not restricted to the tourists that buy a ticket. Everyone is free to venture inside and take a glance. For the art endeavourers there are some bargains as well: the entry at the Museum of Modern Art is costless every Friday after 4 p.m and during rest of the week you can pay as much money as you have.


    When in Arkansas, you shouldn’t miss the chance of tasting and touring some wineries, located in the Arkansas River Valley: Mount Bethel, Post Familie Winery, Wiederkehr Wine Cellars and Chateau Aux Arc. After all, it’s costless.


    Take advantage of the free access at the Dinosaur Ridge National Natural Landmark in Morrison, near Denver and have a wander round to spot real dinosaur footprints and other fossils and bones from allosaurus, apatosaurus and stegosaurus. Sounds like a great manner to spend your spare time, isn’t it? And your kids will be in seventh heaven.


    Stop by the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola to admire the largest naval aviation museum on the globe without spending a cent. Not only is the visit gratis, but they are providing you with guided tours, outdoor trolley tours and the possibility to touch the controls of some impressive aircrafts.


    If you’re fond of winter sports and especially skiing, you definitely have to pay a visit to the Ketchum Ski & Heritage Museum. Apart from being free of charge, it offers the tourists information on the history of skiing and on Gretchen Fraser, a remarkable figure in the history of this sport.


    A visit to Springfield, to the former house of Abraham Lincoln won’t cost you anything. Moreover, the city is dotted by Lincoln-themed attractions such as a library and the former president’s one-time law office.


    Venture inside the Indianapolis Museum of Art and take a look at the impressive collection of nearly 54,000 pieces of Impressionist and contemporary art. It’s without any doubt, thought-provoking!


    Take a stroll in a coquette, little ranch house harbored by the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in the Flint Hills region, enrich your knowledge on both the local fauna and flora and all without a sizeable effect on your wallet. The promotion is valid through the last Sunday in October so hurry!

    South Carolina

    A cost-effective trip should definitely include Stumphouse Tunnel and Issaqueena Falls, two free touristy attractions not far away from Greenville. It is said the 1,600-foot tunnel’s functionality was reduced to healing blue cheese in the 50’s while the verdant scenery created by the 200-feet cascade is quite amazing.

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