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  • Top 5 Hotel Castles in Europe

    In the world that we live in, there are countless possibilities for traveling. It all depends on each traveler’s interest, budget and time. Certain countries with a long tradition and featuring amazing natural scenery are continuously putting into practice tourism strategies in order to draw a great number of travelers willing to spend fun-filled days and nights. As a result of these strategies, many castles dotting the European continent where kings and queens used to live changed their functionality and became nowadays luxurious hotels providing the tourists with an unrivalled ambiance. Therefore, let us countdown the most spectacular castles in England, France and Scotland that were converted into unique hotels where one could enjoy the facilities that were once reserved to the blue-blooded people.

    Amberly Castle, England

    What could possibly be more luxurious and elegant than spending the night in the massive, medieval Amberly castle built in the 12th century? Especially since it is located in the peaceful countryside and was home to Queen Elisabeth I with other royalty figures like Charles I stopping by from time to time. The castle which was strongly fortified preserves exactly the same outdoor image as a long time ago. Inside the castle however, things are completely different. It features elegant guest rooms with castle-like jacuzzi where one could sip form a glace of gin and relax. Book a room in the main wing as the other part of the castle might seem isolated. The restaurant in the castle provides tasty dinners and sometimes true feasts. As for the aforementioned question, we let you be the judge.

    Thornbury Castle, England

    This castle that belonged to the Tudors’ dynasty welcomes many tourists all year round. And mostly because a night spent in the enormous bedroom of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn is worth only between ?300 and ?500. Well, let’s face it! For a royal suite the price is not too salted, isn’t it? In addition, you are also allowed to take long strolls in the colorful garden surrounding the castle.

    Chateau de la Bourdaisiere, France

    This 16th century castle boasts of 11 rooms embellished with reconditioned furniture and three huge apartments and additionally 125 acres of green space surrounded by ornamental hedges. If you decide to book a room in this hotel castle chances are you cross paths with one of the Broglies princesses that call this chateau home.

    Chateau de Mercues, France

    This castle was the summer residence of Counts and Bishops of Cahors and is praised for its towers, pointed roofs, imposing battlements and the spectacular view with the river of Lot and the vineyards that it offers. When visiting the castle, make sure you taste the traditional French dish foie gras adorned with truffles and perfectly matching the taste of a red wine.

    Balfour Castle, Scotland

    Unlike the massive English and French Castles, the Scottish Balfour castle built in Gothic style can only host twelve guests. Still, it’s the perfect accommodation for the big families that want to enjoy a one-of-a-kind retreat. The best part is that you have access to the gallery, library, conservatory, chapel, drawing and dining rooms that belonged to the Balfour’s and that were once crowded with important figures in the royal court. If it arouses your interest, you have to know that you can get there quickly by renting a ferry from the nearest town.

    All in all, provided you have always dreamt of living in a royal castle, you now have the possibility to turn your dream into reality┬áby simply planning a staying at one of these accommodations. Canopy king-sized bed, immense bedroom overlooking amazing landscapes, room service, Jacuzzi…what can beat that?

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