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  • Useful Business Packing Tips

    When packing for a trip, be it for pleasure or for business, we all have this tendency to fold in our suitcase as many garments as possible, leaving out sometimes exactly the compulsory items. Apparently a minor issue, the luggage that you bring along when travelling for business purposes might be the source of many headaches. In the worst case scenario, leaving home an important document or your suit might cost you the success of the business meeting. Therefore, in order to zip up a light, well-made luggage for your business trip, here are some basic tips that you have to put into practice.

  • Best Spa Getaways

    There’s no doubt about it! We’ve all dreamed about a pair of magic hands rubbing, massaging and even pampering our strained backs after a hard day at the office…not to mention the aromatherapy scents, like raspberry and lavender that would wrap our senses. Well, it is high time you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and take advantage of the various packages and promotions pumped up by different spa resorts. Even if for the amenities of some exclusive spa resorts you will have to pay a king’s ransom, there is always the possibility of a day spa which is sure to provide you with skincare, different types of massages and boy wraps. At any rate, here’s a list comprising the best spa getaways located on different continents where you could enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy and spoil your body.

  • Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

    After the agitation and fever surrounding a weeding with hundreds of guests, a crazy party with dancing, various dishes and cakes, the newlyweds crave for a top-notch, love-filled honeymoon. Depending on each couple’s idea of fun, plans and budget, there are many cities and resorts on the world’s map that would make for the ideal honeymoon destination. However, lengthways time, certain places have gained popularity among the newlyweds because they are sure to quench anyone’s needs by offering a mixture of blasting nightlife, relaxation, magnificent scenery and luxurious accommodation. Therefore, let us countdown the classic, yet best destinations for those of you who intend to walk down the aisle in the near or far away future.

  • Unusual Hotels Worldwide

    Let’s face it! When planning a trip there are certain factors that highly influence the process of decision-making: you are either longing for an exotic destination that will surely provide you with fun filled-days and nights or you are simply eager to pack your things and leave your house, opening the door to an exciting adventure, regardless of the destination. But for the globetrotters that have the travel running through their veins, any spectacular, unique yet weird destination has to be seen and experienced to the last detail. Well, it is not only for the globetrotters that hotel managers have come with the idea of building unusual-shaped or strangely located hotels, but to pique every tourist’s hunger. Therefore, since we have previously counted some of the world’s most unusual museums, we try to keep the same tone by submitting a list that comprises a top of the most unusual hotels worldwide.

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