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  • 5 cool technology free holiday destinations

    Technology is great, and very few people can deny that our lives are really much better since we’ve got our laptops, phones, cable TV and the internet. But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to be surrounded by so many technological gadgets, and I’m sure all of you have felt the need to just cut lose, and go back to simple, pure nature.

    Even when traveling, it’s next to impossible to part with our trusted phones, or avoid sending an e-mail back home – and it’s a great thing (imagine waiting for regular post to arrive…or the pigeon post!). But if you want to reduce your contact with tech stuff to minimum for a few days, here are some good tech free destinations where you can sit back and get united with nature.

    Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

    Lord Howe Island is located at about 2 hours from the Australian Coast, yet it feels like it’s thousands of miles away from civilization. This untouched island feels like a piece of heaven on earth, where you can adventure through the wild as much as you want.

    Swim in the crystal clear waters of a lagoon, or venture further into the ocean and discover another kind of paradise underwater. There are several luxury hotels on the island, but there are plenty of reclusive hotels and beach houses as well. For a true ‘lost in the wilderness’ feeling, bring your tent or spend the night under the open sky!

    Uluru, Australia

    If you want to feel like you’re not only far from civilization but also like you’re on an entirely different planet, take a trip through the Australian outback.

    The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and Ayers Rock serves as a testimony that nature is more powerful than anything we could ever build. Uluru is a place for reflection and communion with nature, so if you want to forget about the bustle of civilization, it’s the best place to do it.

    Rocky Mountains

    As cheesy as it sounds, a good few days spent at a secluded cabin in the mountain can do wonders. You’ll forget everything about the stress of day to day life, and just take some time to yourself. Pack a map next to Jack London’s ‘Call of the Wild’ and spend your days wandering in the woods or hiking. In the evening just cuddle up in front of a fire with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa. Bliss!

    Phi Phi Island

    If you remember the movie The Beach, where a group of people start an alternative lifestyle on an abandoned beach, this island is going to be exactly like that: pure paradise (minus the sharks and the other nasty parts).

    The film was shot at Phi Phi Island, one of the few islands of Thailand where you can still find empty beaches. This destination is starting to get popular with backpackers, but thankfully it’ll take some time before it becomes a hot spot for tourists.


    Perhaps not what most people would picture when hearing the word ‘holiday’, but Alaska is an amazing place if you can get used to the cold. There are lots of things to do there which will allow you to ‘forget’ your phone and laptop home. You can fish in an icy lake, watch animals from afar, take a tour in a dog sled and drink in the pristine beauty of the place.

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