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  • Top 10 countries to visit in 2011

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    2010 is slowly drawing to an end, and if in this year’s New Years resolutions you decided to visit a few places you’ve never seen before, you still have time to tick a few destinations off your list. Three months is plenty of time to decide on a destination or two, so if you haven’t taken any time off last summer, you can compensate with a nice, long holiday now.

    But here’s a suggestion: start planning for 2011, and make next year your personal ‘travel year’! What makes a country end up on a top 10 list for 2011? Well, there can be plenty of reasons: budding tourist sector, amazing attractions, cheap travel, great cuisine. So here’s our list of the countries you should definitely visit in 2011.


    This country has been going through some trouble lately, both in terms of politics and economy. And like good travelers, we also think of how to combine pleasure and helping out our destination of choice, even if only a little bit. There are tons of beautiful places to see in Indonesia – I especially recommend Central Java and Sumatra.

    2. Morocco

    I’m not going to lie, Anthony Bourdain’s travels in Morocco made me choose this destination. The culture, the people and the cuisine are what makes this country unique, and it seems like a place where you can have an adventure without actually putting yourself in danger. Also, I hear that the hammams there are great!

    3. New Zealand

    If you haven’t visit it yet, do it as soon as possible! There are no words that can do justice to the beauty of New Zealand’s landscapes. The cities are also pleasant and some of them quite interesting, but backpacking through New Zealand in 2011 should be pretty high on anyone’s to do list.

    4. Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka has had a troubled history in the recent years, to say the least, but since the civil conflicts have thankfully ended in last May, next year is the perfect time to visit this amazing country (not to be a cynic, but it’s better to take advantage of the temporary peace before something else happens).

    5. Patagonia

    I know that Patagonia is not really a country, since it belongs to Argentina, but sometimes it feels like a completely different place. Why visit it in 2011? Because it’s becoming the most exciting wine-country in Argentina! Argentine wine, mmm. Also, it is truly a beautiful place.

    6. Costa Rica

    Ecotourim has been all the rage lately, and or good reason too. Costa Rica is a prime example of a country that is conscious of its natural potential, and tries its best to preserve it. Bird-watching, trekking, exploring the rain forests – what more could an eco-traveler want?

    7. Greece

    Greece has been having it quite tough this year, but hopefully in 2011 everything will return to normal. It’s a country with a fascinating history, and the artifacts to prove it. It has a little bit or everyone: culture, landscapes, beaches and sports.

    8. Portugal

    If old world charm is what you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed in Portugal. It has the perfect combination of current European style, it is hip, but it also takes pride in its Medieval towns and villages. Plus, it has some of the most amazing vineyards in Europe, should you decide to go for a wine tasting.

    9. Georgia

    When it comes to backpacking, it is often better to visit countries which are not yet internationally recognized as popular destinations. Georgia is one of the most spectacular countries in Eastern Europe, thanks to its unspoiled landscapes, natural wonders and friendly people (and it is also quite cheap).

    10. Ireland

    My personal favorite when it comes to backpacking, for two simple reasons: the breath-taking beauty of the countryside, and the good-cheer of the people. Backpack in Ireland and you’ll see the most awe-inspiring views on earth, and you’ll probably even make a few friends for life (a few pints of Guinness can help).

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    stefan wrote on January 2, 2011:

    Happy countryvisiting.
    Don’t forget the good old Uncle Sam…

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