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  • The natural wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Mostar as its finest, Bosnia

    Mostar as its finest, Bosnia

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of those Balkan countries that are rarely in the limelight, unless the discussion is about tragic historical events. But event if this young country is not the ultimate European vacation destination, and fifteen years ago few travelers would have dared to visit it, the BiH of the present is one of the most singularly beautiful parts of Europe.

    The roads might not be too good, but public transport is cheap and widely available, the national cuisine is mouth watering and accommodation options abound for all budgets. And the most important thing about traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina is all the possibility for adventure and discovery it can offer – that, and its incredible natural beauty. Here are the natural wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for travelers who appreciate the outdoors.


    Many of Eastern Europe’s lush forests have been cut down for wood, and it’s not uncommon to see depressingly deforested hills and mountain slopes when you’re traveling in the Balkans. But all that seems a completely different world when you step foot into Peru?ica, one of the last primeval forests in Europe. These ancient woods are part of the Sutjeska National Park, and although many travelers would probably love the chance to get lost in it for a while, Peru?ica can only be visited in the company of rangers.

    Kravica Falls

    Kravica, photo by infraredhorsebite on Flickr

    The Trebižat river in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina has many interesting landmarks, but the most stunning attraction on the river is Kravica waterfall.

    These crystal clear falls stretch over a hundred meters and are surrounded by thick forests, and tumble from a height of 25 meters. Kravica is one of the largest waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and easily one of the most impressive falls in Europe. The limestone deposits and traverties in the falls are noteworthy.

    Vjetrenica Cave

    Entrance to Vjetrenica Cave, photo by posidonia on Flickr

    Vjetrenica is the largest and most interesting cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and famous worldwide for its unique features. The cave is not the largest you can find, and its main channel is only a little over two kilometers, but what’s interesting about Vjetrenica cave is tha fact that it is the richest cave in the world in terms of biological diversity.

    Over two hundred different species live in the dark nooks of the cave, and many of them can only be found in Vjetrenica and nowhere else.

    Hutovo Blato Nature Park

    Bosnia and Herzegovina can be a paradise for birdwatchers who are interested in species from around the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Around 240 species of migratory birds live in Hutovo Blato  part of the year, and there are several birds who are in the reserve all year round. The marshlands of Hutovo Blato make a great destination for boat trips, and for fishing too – just make sure to get a permit for it.

    The country is pretty small, so if you fly to Sarajevo, the capital, you can easily travel from there to all the natural wonders mentioned above.

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