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  • The 5 funniest restaurants in the world

    photo by Mega Hammond on Flickr

    Hungry travelers usually seek out restaurants that are both good and cheap, and if the decor is only marginally important as long as you can fill yr stomach with good grub. But in some cases, it’s not so much the menu that counts, because the restaurant itself is strange enough that it makes it difficult to much without staring at your surroundings.

    There are plenty of weird restaurants in the world, some in the air, other underground and even under water, but some are just plain funny. If you are not afraid of choking on your food while laughing and chewing at the same time, here are the top 5 funniest restaurants in the world.

    Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

    Anyone who would eat their lunch on the toilet would be qualified as an enormous slob, but not in the Modern Toilet Restaurant, where eating on and off the privy is the norm. Not only do the seats and tables look like colorful toilet seats, but even the food is served in bowls and on plates that look like toilets from various parts of the world. The rest of the decorations are all related to the water closet: urinals turned into lamps, faucets hanging from the wall, and even the occasional bathtub.

    Cannibalistic Sushi, Tokyo, Japan

    Those who have more than an average dose of dark humor will definitely enjoy a visit to the Cannibalistic Sushi, one of the most hilariously gruesome restaurants in Japan. While the practice of nyotaimori (eating sushi off a naked woman’s body) is enough to put off some people, at the Cannibalistic sushi the ‘serving plate’ can be eaten too.

    Customers are invited to¬† eat a realistic body made of sushi, whose ‘insides’ are drenched in red sauce to give the impression of blood. If you tend to laugh at gory films, you’ll love this place.

    Treehouse restaurant, Redwood Treehouse, Auckland, New Zealand

    Redwood Treehouse is a network is redwood pods perched in trees, commissioned as part of a marketing campaign, which became so successful that the yellow cocoons still exist and host various events. The restaurant treehouse is definitely one of the most unusual and interesting places to eat your dinner – which is guaranteed to be better than the sandwiches you ate in your childhood treehouse!

    Robot Kitchen, Hong Kong

    If you ever had a bone to pick with a waiter who neglected you or slighted you somehow, then this restaurant will feel like revenge against all waiters and waitresses in the world. In the Robot Kitchen, your lunch will be served by robotic servers, and there is little trace of humans in the restaurant except for the guests. Actually, the robots are remote-controlled, but the illusion of being in the distant future doesn’t fade in the least.

    Calico Cat Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

    Calico Cat Cafe is more cute than funny – a restaurant that seems to be especially designed for cat persons. In this restaurant, people don’t come for the food, but for the companionship: guests pay an hourly fee in order to hang out with cats. If you want to skip the food and just pet the cats, you can do that too – but they will probably like you better if you share your dinner with them.

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