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  • Delta Cheap Flight from LA to Taipei

    Taipei skyline

    Taipei skyline ©rustler2x4/Flickr

    If you have been dreaming of an Asian getaway from the West Coast we have found you the perfect airfare deal. Book now cheap flights from Los Angeles to Taipei for $707 r/t including taxes and save nearly $50 with Delta Airlines compared to other deals.  

  • The most beautiful canyons in the world

    Taroko Gorge, photo by B_cool on Flickr

    Canyons are some of the most dramatic landforms on the planet (and even on other planets), created over millions of years by rivers that carved their way through the landscape. Geologists can probably rave on for hours about canyons, but you hardly need to know everything about them in order to appreciate their beauty.

    Wherever they are, canyons tend to be major natural attractions for people who want to see them, take pictures of them, climb them and trek along them. Canyons or gorges have a way of creating the perfect setting for adventures, as long as you don’t shrink from a bit of hiking and walking. Here are some of the most beautiful canyons in the world, for travelers who ‘collect’ natural wonders.

  • The most fascinating ghost towns in Asia

    Dhanushkodi, photo by -Chandra- on Flickr

    Ghost towns with creaking saloon doors and the occasional tumbleweed are interesting relics of the American wild west, but ghost towns can be creepy, unsettling and completely fascinating wherever they are. The thing about ghost towns is that they mostly manage to fool you by looking like they are still inhabitable, and yet there is no other soul in sight except you, or some other travelers in search of new experiences.

    Asia’s ghost towns are particularly intriguing, even if some of them have never even had any inhabitants. All of these places have some interesting and often morbid story to tell, and all of them will make a shiver go down your spine. Here are some of the most fascinating ghost towns in Asia.

  • The craziest elevators in the world

    Gateway Arch, photo by Ryan Kelly on Flickr

    Elevators are not usually at the top of a traveler’s must-see list, unless they have watched a particularly good thriller or if they don’t like being confined in small spaces. Elevators are notorious for their uninteresting music often even more uninteresting decor, but as hard to believe as it is, there are several elevators in the world that are actually exciting.

    If you have never thought that an elevator ride would be something to write home about, then you definitely haven’t been on any of the craziest elevators in the world. Forget all you’ve known about elevators so far, and prepare for a truly exhilarating experience.

  • Top 5 Asian city breaks

    Singapore, photo by William Cho

    Asia is home to some of the greatest sites wonders and man-made wonders in the world, the tallest mountains and some of the lowest plains, the smallest villages and the world’s most hectic and developed cities.

    Picking just one urban travel destination from this vast continent is like finding the perfect straw in the haystack – there are just too many of them that fit the bill.

    It’s  not much use to choose the most touristy city you can find if you are only planning on a short break, but as a long as a city really excellent at one specific, two or three days will be enough to get the most out of your holiday. Here are our picks for the top 5 Asian city breaks, for travelers who want a short holiday that packs a punch.

  • 5 reasons to visit Taiwan



    Although China is a pretty popular travel destination nowadays, the same can’t really be said about Taiwan, otherwise known the Republic of China. The island of Taiwan has traded hands several times throughout history, and it’s a tricky place: its government is on mainland China, but Taiwan is an entirely different nation.

    If you think that if you’ve seen China there’s not much reason to visit Taiwan, a visit to this beautiful island (called in the past Formosa, meaning ‘beautiful’ in Portuguese) will change your mind. Taiwan is one of the most densely populated places on the planet, and yet there’s still enough space for breathtaking natural beauty. Mountains, beaches, exotic small towns and crowded neon-lit cities will give you plenty of incentives to travel. Here are 5 reasons to visit Taiwan, but there are many more than that!

  • The most expensive dishes in the world and where to eat them

    photo by the evil monkey on Flickr

    Maybe you’ve won the lottery and you consider investing much of your prize into gourmet food, or maybe you’re just considering wandering around the planet and spending your life savings on outrageously expensive dishes out of curiosity. Or perhaps you are just interested in what the rich and famous spend their lunch money on while you are sampling affordable street food in some foodie paradise.

    In any case, when it comes to food no expenses are spared in some restaurants in the world, and while few people can testify about the quality of these pricey dishes, they are definitely made to be enjoyed. Here are some of the most expensive dishes in the world, and where to eat them.

  • Budget travel destinations for 2012

    Egypt, photo by Nina Hale

    Depending on how the world economy turns out, currency rates change and political troubles brew, the budget-conscious traveler’s to-see list can change every year. Some destinations can suddenly become affordable, or maybe they have always been on the cheaper side but they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

    Whatever the reason, every year there are a few favorites when it comes to budget travel, and even if you hadn’t considered visiting them anytime soon, there is no better time for it than now. So if you want to make sure that you save as much money as possible while still getting to see some amazing places, take a look at some of the best budget travel destinations for 2012.

  • The 5 funniest restaurants in the world

    photo by Mega Hammond on Flickr

    Hungry travelers usually seek out restaurants that are both good and cheap, and if the decor is only marginally important as long as you can fill yr stomach with good grub. But in some cases, it’s not so much the menu that counts, because the restaurant itself is strange enough that it makes it difficult to much without staring at your surroundings.

    There are plenty of weird restaurants in the world, some in the air, other underground and even under water, but some are just plain funny. If you are not afraid of choking on your food while laughing and chewing at the same time, here are the top 5 funniest restaurants in the world.

  • The most underrated travel destinations in Asia and why you should visit them

    Samarkand, Uzbekistan, photo by Laura e Fulvio on FLick

    What makes a holiday attraction popular? Of course, a lot of it is because the place really has something to show off with, like interesting museums, natural sites, historic sites etc. But a large part of the popularity of a certain place is due to this image it constructs for itself through ads, brochures and tourism campaigns.

    These are great tourist destinations that you should by no means overlook, but in addition to famous holiday destinations like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore or Shanghai, there are scores of other Asian destinations that don’t quite get the attention they deserve. So here are some of the most underrated travel destinations in Asia, and why you should visit them.

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