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  • The most expensive dishes in the world and where to eat them

    photo by the evil monkey on Flickr

    Maybe you’ve won the lottery and you consider investing much of your prize into gourmet food, or maybe you’re just considering wandering around the planet and spending your life savings on outrageously expensive dishes out of curiosity. Or perhaps you are just interested in what the rich and famous spend their lunch money on while you are sampling affordable street food in some foodie paradise.

    In any case, when it comes to food no expenses are spared in some restaurants in the world, and while few people can testify about the quality of these pricey dishes, they are definitely made to be enjoyed. Here are some of the most expensive dishes in the world, and where to eat them.

    Double Truffle Hamburger, DB Bistro Moderne, New York, USA

    The hamburger is the food of the hungry masses and picky teenagers in every part of the world where there are fast food joints, and as a general rule, hamburgers are pretty affordable. But that’s not the case with the Double Truffle Hamburger on the menu of DB Bistro Moderne in Manhattan, where one hamburger could feed a family for a week. The $99 hamburger is made with rib meat, truffles and foie gras stuffed into a sirloin steak, sandwiches between the two halves of a parmesan-poppy bun.

    Samundari Khazana, Bombay Brasserie, London, UK

    photo by norwichnuts on Flickr

    Samundari Khazana, the ‘treasure of the sea’, is quite possible the most expensive curry in the world, which is not surprising since it is packed with the most expensive ingredients a chef could dream of.

    The curry dish is made with Devon crab, white truffle, beluga caviar, Scottish lobster, abalone, quail eggs and a few more insanely expensive delicacies. And if this wasn’t enough, the whole thing is covered in gold leaf.

    Lobster Frittata, Le Parker Meridien, New York, USA

    Many people have omelet or frittata for breakfast – it is quick, cheap and filling. And while the lobster frittata at the Le Parker Meridien hotel might be filling, it is certainly not cheap. With a price tag of $1000, this omelet requires six eggs, the tail of a Maine lobster, and caviar from the Caspian Sea sturgeon.

    Beef Noodle Soup, Niu Ba Ba, Taipei, Taiwan

    Noodle soup is one of the most popular and most affordable meals you can get in many parts of Asia, but if you sit down at the Niu Ba Ba restaurant in Taipei, don’t expect a cheap meal. Here you can eat the most expensive noodle soup in the world, costing over $300. This bowl of niu rou mien is the result of 15 years of perfecting the recipe.

    Grand Opulence Sundae, Serendipity, New York, USA

    photo by avlxyz on Flickr

    You could probably buy over a hundred sundaes for the price of this gilded creation served at the exclusive Serendipity restaurant in New York. This is no regular sundae though, and after eating it you might feel like you swallowed the contents of a jewellery store: ice cream made with Tahitian vanilla, the most expensive chocolate syrup in the world, chunks of rare Chuao chocolate and all sorts of candied fruit. The most expensive part of the sundae is probably the 23k gold leaf covering it.

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