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  • Budget travel destinations for 2012

    Egypt, photo by Nina Hale

    Depending on how the world economy turns out, currency rates change and political troubles brew, the budget-conscious traveler’s to-see list can change every year. Some destinations can suddenly become affordable, or maybe they have always been on the cheaper side but they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

    Whatever the reason, every year there are a few favorites when it comes to budget travel, and even if you hadn’t considered visiting them anytime soon, there is no better time for it than now. So if you want to make sure that you save as much money as possible while still getting to see some amazing places, take a look at some of the best budget travel destinations for 2012.


    After the Arab Spring, many people have been wary of visiting Egypt, and the warnings issued by various travel authorities didn’t help one bit. But now that things have finally calmed down in the country of pyramids, it’s open season for tourists again. And since Egypt needs its tourists badly (tourism accounts for over 10% of the economy), everyone is doing their best to attract travelers with the help of hotel deals, travel packages and cheap flights.


    Belize, photo by Philip Larson on Flickr

    In comparison with its Central American neighbors like Mexico or Costa Rica (which gets the highest number of tourists in Latin America) is rather overlooked.

    But Belize has a lot to recommend it: pre-Columbian ruins, lush jungles, caves, sandy beaches and one of the largest coral reefs in the world. Sadly for Belize, the country is quite poor, which is an advantage for travelers if obviously not for the locals.


    Even surrounded by many other countries with rich historical and cultural heritage, Poland stands out as one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. Compared to Western European countries like the UK or France, Poland has always been cheaper, and rates will likely drop even more after the UEFA Euro 2012 football tournament in June. After the football fans leave, you will reap the benefit of lower hotel and travel rates. Plus, Poland is known to have the cheapest 5 star hotels in the world, so if you want to pamper yourself for cheap, Poland is the best choice.


    Taipei, photo by daymin

    Now that Taiwan is finally open for independent Chinese tourists as well, Taiwanese tourism is going through a boom. Travelers from many countries discovered a new-found interest in Taiwan, and the island welcomes them with open arms.

    Budget accommodation abounds in Taipei and other large cities, and the Taiwanese government even launched a tourist bus service offering really cheap day-trips.


    Greece is deep in debt and even if the recession subsides in 2012, it will take a while for the country to regain its full potential. In the past year, hotels rates have dropped and considerably in Greece, especially in Athens (which used to be in the top 50 most expensive cities in the world), and although flight prices are a bit unstable, it’s possible to find affordable flights too. Look out for some considerable discounts on tour packages as well.

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    marleeps TgAvatar
    marleeps wrote on January 18, 2012:

    Looking for an affordable 2 week or more trip to Machu Picu. Would like to have a guide and stay in a wonderful home atmosphere instead of some stuffy hotel. Looking for a “bucket list trip” for a dear friend. Thank you in advance for any help.

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