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  • Cheap Singapore airfares for $757 r/t

    Singapore skyline

    Singapore skyline ©Nicolas Lannuzel/Flickr

    Find below the best travel deals with Singapore airfares for $757 r/t among them. Book right now and get cheap Singapore airfares with Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines or other top airline companies. To get the lowest rate depart from Birmingham, Alabama and travel on Tuesdays on Wednesdays.

    We also found you cheap cruise deals for 3 nights to the Bahamas from $209 pp or for 7 nights to Alaska from $459 pp. Want to fly but not to Singapore? Get low fares to Rome, Madrid, Paris or Bangkok, but hurry and book before the best deals sell out!

  • Qatar Airways flight to Singapore for $852 r/t

    View of Singapore

    View of Singapore ©jjcb/Flick

    If you want to visit Singapore for one week in May, take a look at the flight deal that we found you. Book now the Qatar Airways flight to Singapore for $852 r/t with departure date on April 29 and return date on May 7 and save money. The flight has one stop.

  • The world’s weirdest shopping malls

    Bullring, photo by Ell Brown on Flickr

    If your tastes in architecture run towards the more classical styles, you can’t help but feel baffled by the turn that modern architecture is taking, and how everything built recently looks more and more like props from a sci-fi movie. But love it or hate it, today’s new buildings look really intriguing, and it’s ot that crazy to travel somewhere just to see the newest and weirdest masterpiece of an eccentric architect. Shopping malls have been around for a while, but they are no strangers to bizarre styles. Some malls might seem completely generic, just a place for shops to take up space, but others look completely out of this world. Here are some of the world’s weirdest shopping malls, for the viewing pleasure of travelers who like to see out strange things.

  • The best budget hotels in Singapore

    photo by William Cho on Flickr

    Singapore is one of the busiest ports in Asia, one of the wealthiest cities all around, and a tourist destination that some love and some hate, but which will most definitely won’t leave you indifferent. Some see Singapore like a clean-cut, simplified version of more ‘authentic’ Asian cities, but the truth is that Singapore has plenty of authenticity and personality of its own. And another thing that might not be obvious about Singapore is that you can visit it on a tighter budget too. Singapore is not the cheapest destination in Southeast Asia, but it has a range of reasonably priced flashpacker and budget travel options. The most airlines offer cheap flights to Singapore. Here are some of the best budget hotels in Singapore.

  • Top 5 Asian city breaks

    Singapore, photo by William Cho

    Asia is home to some of the greatest sites wonders and man-made wonders in the world, the tallest mountains and some of the lowest plains, the smallest villages and the world’s most hectic and developed cities. Picking just one urban travel destination from this vast continent is like finding the perfect straw in the haystack – there are just too many of them that fit the bill. It’s  not much use to choose the most touristy city you can find if you are only planning on a short break, but as a long as a city really excellent at one specific, two or three days will be enough to get the most out of your holiday. Here are our picks for the top 5 Asian city breaks, for travelers who want a short holiday that packs a punch.

  • The best airport restaurants in the world

    Singapore Changi Airport, photo by Bassel Safadi

    Layovers and delayed or canceled flights are nothing less than a nightmare for any traveler who just wants to get to their exciting travel destination, check into their room and then be free to explore, see and eat. Layovers make you tired, bored, and also hungry, and airports are usually not known for their ability to provide healthy and tasty cuisine that doesn’t fit into the fast-food department, right? Well, in the case of a couple of airports in the world, you won’t have anything to complain about when it comes to the food at least, and you might even end up with some nice travel memories that you made during a layover. Here are some of the best airport restaurants in the world.

  • 5 hotels with a weird history from around the world

    Shrigley Hall Hotel, photo by Ian Capper on

    Few travelers can avoid visiting at least a few hotels in the course of their travels. And staying at a hotel is not always the most exciting alternative, especially since some hotels look like they are making efforts to be as ordinary as possible.

    But there are other hotels, which might seem like your run of the mill building with regular rooms, but which have a few skeletons in the closet, sometimes literally. Hotels that are set up in older buildings that used to serve another purpose sometimes end with with a baggage, and maybe not looking like hotels at all. Here are 5 hotels with a weird history from around the world, which are just too unusual to pass up.

  • How to travel on a budget in the most expensive countries in the world

    Singapore, photo by Timo Balk

    There are some countries in the world that backpackers and travelers on a budget don’t often think of visiting, simply because they are too expensive and they are afraid that their money will run out in a blink. Round the world travelers are often especially wary of these money-eating countries because they feel like there is absolutely no way to live on cheap while they’re there.

    But notoriously expensive countries like Japan, Iceland, Norway, Singapore and Switzerland should not be off your list when you’re traveling on a budget, because luckily there are ways to make your money (and the duration of your stay) last longer. Here are some tips on how to travel on a budget in the most expensive countries in the world.

  • Top 5 destinations for Chinese New Year

    New Year in Beijing, photo by storyvillegirl on Flickr

    This year Chinese New Year will be taking place on January 23, which means that if you are the kind of traveler who likes to plan a trip carefully (or if you want to make sure that you find some good travel deals by then), then you can already start planning for it. It doesn’t matter whether or not you celebrate Chinese New Year or the Gregorian New Year, celebrating it in China is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

    If you think that regular New Year events and fireworks are stunning, then wait until you see how things are done in China or other countries where there’s a significant Chinese population. The decorations, the food, the markets and the fireworks are reason enough to visit one of the top 5 destinations for Chinese New Year.

  • Top 5 fast-food chains abroad

    Toast Box, Singapore, photo by Marco Ooi

    If you live in a country where fast-food is more often than not embodied by a greasy hamburger or perhaps a hot dog, fast-foods are probably not your eateries of choice when you are going abroad. If you can get a Big Mac at home, why bother going abroad to eat it?

    But in many countries, fast-food can have a completely different meaning, and the food you get at a fast-food in Russia or Thailand might take your taste buds completely by surprise. So whenever you are visiting a foreign country, don’t dismiss the local fast-food chains. especially if you are on a budget and you can’t self-cater. Here are the top 5 fast-food chains abroad to watch out for.

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