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    For most people, camping is all about roughing it in the wild, getting in touch with primal nature and relying on basic survival skills – all in good fun. Others might prefer a but of glam in their camping expeditions, and instead of sleeping in a drafty tent and eating canned beans warmed by the fire, they go for something a bit more upscale – they go glamping.

    So if you want to be close to nature but not too close, you can pick and chose whatever you like out of a camping experience and supplement the rest with luxury. Here are some of the most popular glamping destinations in the world, where the wild is made upscale for you.

    Hillfort Tipis, Pembrokeshire, Wales

    The Welsh countryside might seem like an unlikely location for a tipi camp, but nevertheless, Hillfort Tipis in Wales is one of the many unusual glamping destinations you can choose from in the UK. Not only are these tipis the height of luxury (they come equipped with comfy pillows, colorful rugs and large beds), but they are also e co-friendly. You get all the camping equipment you need, and it’s up to you how much time you actually want to spend outdoors.

    Halvorseth Yurts & Camping, Prestfoss-Sigdal, Norway

    Norway, photo by Ben Wiersema

    The deep Scandinavian woods make a great camping destination if you’re a hardcore camper, but if you’re not prepared for the cold or the slightly eeriness of a remote camping site in the Norwegian wilderness, you can stay at the Halvorseth Yurts & Camping, one of the first glamping destinations in Norway. The yurts accommodate four people, and they come complete with heating, kitchens and bathrooms.

    Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania

    Serengeti is one of the wildest, most undisturbed places on the planet, and not many would expect that you can spend a few nights in the plains without letting go of your usual comforts. Sabora Tented Camp offers luxury accommodation for those who want to combine exploration with luxury. Each canvas tent is furnished with antique chests, silk curtains and beautiful rugs, while the dining service includes a long list of expensive wines.

    River Camp, the Resort at Paws Up, Montana, USA

    Serengeti, photo by Woodlouse on Flickr

    Explore the surroundings of Blackfoot River and spend your days fly fishing, rafting, canoeing, and inner tubing, while at night you can retreat to luxurious tents that even come with a butler.

    These tents are more upscale than many hotels: they have huge beds, lovely antique furniture, a large deck and private bathroom, as well as housekeeping service. And let’s not forget the scrumptious meals that come with the accommodation package!

    4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Koh Kong, Cambodia

    If staying in a luxurious tent is not exciting enough for you, how about sleeping in an ultra-glamorous camp perched on water? 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Koh Kong is one of the only floating camping sites in the world, and it is environmentally friendly too, which doesn’t stop the tents from having LCD TV sets and free internet.

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