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  • Top 5 family holidays in Spain

    Tenerife beach

    Tenerife ©quatre mains/Flickr

    A family holiday offers the perfect chance to relax, press the pause button on everyday life and simply spend some quality time together. And if you’re looking for the perfect destination, Spain can’t be beaten for the endless amount of things to do, wonderful weather and child-friendly atmosphere.

    With this in mind, we’ve put together our top five family destinations across in Spain. All you have to do is decide where to go, pack up your family and, well, maybe book a ticket to Spain, but it really dues worth it as you will hopefully see below. Have you ever been to Spain or it is on your wishlist? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them

    The whole point of opening a business is to get as many customers as possible and make profit, or at least that’s how things usually work everywhere in the world. But there are some businesses that are not interested in catering to very Tom, Dick and Harry, and prefer to build a rather more exclusive customer base – like a country club, for example. Another way is to keep the business hidden so that only the initiated can find you – this is how some of the most interesting bars in the world work. You’d have to look in the most unlikely p;laces to find them, and the chances of bumping into them by sheer luck are rather slim. But if you want to drink where few people drank before, here are 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them – just don’t tell anyone!

  • The most picturesque walking paths in the world

    Camino de Santiago, photo on Flickr

    Before the time of cars, trains or planes, budget travelers who wanted to see the world didn’t have many options besides walking. And walk they did, so much and for so long that the paths forged by these early travelers still exist today. And while the traveler of the 21st century can travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours, there are still plenty of people who still enjoy the simpler pleasures of seeing beautiful scenery at a leisurely pace, while walking. Whatever your reasons for walking are (healthy exercise, a love of nature), there are plenty of walking trails that can awaken the love of walking even in the laziest person. Here’s a list of the most picturesque walking paths in the world.

  • Crossing the Atlantic – top 5 cruises

    In the golden days of boat travel, at the beginning of the past century, crossing the Atlantic could be an utterly luxurious experience for some, and completely miserable for others, of course. But those who had the money and the means to secure a high-end cabin on a passenger liner could look forward to weeks of luxury, complete with elegant dinners, cocktail parties and all that jazz. Nowadays, crossing the Atlantic is less popular (thanks to fast planes), but there still are some cruise lines that provide Atlantic crossings for those who feel some nostalgia for the days when crossing the ocean was about glamor (for some). Here are some great ways for crossing the Atlantic – top 5 cruises.

  • Top 5 travel destinations where you can spot dolphins

    Monkey Mia, photo by Eulinky

    Dolphins are some of the friendliest animals on the planet, and also possibly the smartest after humans – so what’s there not to love about them? Many people like them because of the tricks they can perform, but seeing a dolphin happily frolicking in its natural habitat is better than seeing it in an aquarium. There are approximately forty species of dolphins on the planet, and they live in many parts of the world. If you like seeking out dolphins in the wild, then there are many travel destinations you can visit, and in most of these places there are tours or cruises for dolphin sightings. Here are the top 5 travel destinations where you can spot dolphins.

  • The best wineries where you can spend the night

    Marques de Riscal, photo by jsmjr on Flickr

    When you are visiting a great winery or vineyard where you can taste as many delicious wines as you want, the last thing you want to do afterwards is drive or be driven home and fall into your own bed. Good wines are made to be enjoyed leisurely and slowly, which is why it’s a great idea to spend the night at the winery whose cellars you are working on emptying. Many wineries and vineyards have shrewdly picked up on this, and many of them offer the option of staying overnight. If you want to spend an evening surrounded by scrumptious wines, then here are the best wineries where you can spend the night.

  • The world’s most delicious destinations for chocolate lovers

    photo by Hans Thoursie

    If you really, truly love chocolate, then you will not need much convincing to say that chocolate makes the world around. But what if you went around the world for chocolate instead? Buying truffles and creme filled bonbons at the neighborhood chocolate shop will satisfy your craving for this tasty treat, but for many people it’s not enough – they will travel for hundreds or thousands of miles just to get a taste of a special kind of chocolate, or visit a chocolate factory where their favorite dessert is made. If a decadent holiday is what you want too, then check out some of the world’s most delicious destinations for chocolate lovers.

  • The creepiest ghost towns in Europe

    Tyneham, photo by Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira

    Most of the world’s famous ghost towns are what’s left of old, short-lived mining towns in the US and Canada which were abandoned once there was little ore left to find. But the towns you see in old Western movies are not the only kind of ghost towns around. Old Europe also has several sad tales of abandoned towns and villages that now lie empty but still intact. These ghost towns have been abandoned for various reasons, some tragic and some uninteresting, but the towns themselves are all worth a visit. Feel the past creep up behind your back while you visit some of the creepiest ghost towns in Europe.

  • The largest and most interesting libraries in the world

    Zurich University Library, photo by tomatoos on Flickr

    Bookworm travelers rarely leave on a trip without bringing either a few beloved paperbacks with them, or, more recently, an e-reader full of interesting new books. But there are other ways as well for a literature geek to indulge in their passion for the written word while they are traveling. How about visiting a few libraries? You might not have time to stay long enough to read something, but some of the largest and most interesting libraries in the world are true works of art.

  • 5 Christmas traditions worth traveling for

    photo credits:

    Many people are reluctant to travel at Christmas because they don’t like the crowds, the inflated prices, or maybe they just don’t want to deal with the cultural shock of not being able to celebrate the holiday in a way that there are used to. But there are tons of places in the world that become incredibly interesting at Christmastime, and not only because of decorations and events, but also because different countries have different Christmas traditions that you  might not have heard of. If you are ready to experience Christmas in a different way then before, then here are 5 Christmas traditions worth traveling for, to open up your appetite.

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