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  • Brazilian beach towns for a perfect holiday

    Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro

    Winter can be cold and depressing for those who live in the temperate areas, but thankfully there are always some places where the summer sun never stops shining and where you can escape to if the winter blues are catching up with you.

    Brazil is an excellent destination if you want to take some time off and warm yourself up on a sunny beach. With a coastline of almost 7500 miles, there are many amazing beaches and beach towns in Brazil where you can retreat and renew your tan. Here’s our list of the best Brazilian beach towns for a perfect holiday.

    Armação dos Búzios

    Armação dos Búzios is a resort town located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, whose rich history is filled with pirates and slave traders. Búzios is a very popular resort, with many restaurants and hotels catering to holidaymakers. There are several beaches around the town, some with calm waters just perfect for swimming, while others are wilder are are frequented by surfers and windsurfers. The best of the town’s nightlife is located in the main street of the town, Rua das Piedras, along with lots of shops and some very nice cafes.

    Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco

    Fernando de Noronha is actually an archipelago, whose beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife have earned it the title of World Heritage Site. It is not the cheapest destination you can find, because you will also be required to pay a Environmental Preservation Tax (it depends on the length of your visit). Also, only about 450 visitors are allowed on the island at the same time, but if you want a holiday far from crowds, it is definitely worth it.

    Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

    Porto de Galinhas is one of the most popular beach resorts  in Brazil thanks to the very blue and very clear water, the pristine beaches and the large number of natural pools around the beaches. Travel magazines have repeatedly voted Porto de Galinhas as the best beach in Brazil, so you can expect to have a lot of fun here. The village itself if very small but well stocked with cafes and restaurant, and besides, the city of Recife is located at a distance of approximately 40 miles.

    Rio de Janeiro

    If you want to take advantage of the colorful urban setting of Rio, you won’t have to give up your beach going ambitions, on the contrary! Rio has some of the best and most popular beaches in the country, like the famous Ipanema, Copacabana or Barra. The biggest advantage of choosing Rio over smaller resort towns is the nightlife, which is anything if not varied and very exciting.

    Porto Seguro, Bahia

    Porto Seguro is surrounded by beautiful beaches, and a large hunk of lush rain forest (actually, it is the remnants of the rain forest found by the first Portuguese colonizers who arrived to Brazil). The historic city is quite a nice sight, but the beaches are the resort’s top attraction.

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    Visit Brazil wrote on November 30, 2010:

    Sun, stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes: Búzios is indeed a wonderful destination!

    stefan wrote on December 24, 2010:

    What about sharks in those waters, especially great white and bullsharks?

    James T TgAvatar
    James T wrote on March 4, 2011:

    Hi Stefan! you won´t find sharks in those waters and definetely not the great white!
    Rio de Janiero has got it all!!



    Ana wrote on August 10, 2015:

    Really Búzios is indeed a wonderful place!

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