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  • The most amazing beach destinations in Cuba

    Varadero Beach, photo by Phil Bartle on Flickr

    For a long time, Cuba has been off the tourist circuit for American travelers, and travelers from other parts of the world haven’t been eager to visit this island nation either.

    But now that the political climate has become calmer, Cuba is slowly opening its gates for tourists, and if you thought that this island is nothing but a place that is used to dictatorship and poverty, you will be surprised.

    Cuba has some of the most lively, fun and exotic attractions in the world, and it’s impossible not to be caught up in the Cuban’s people contagious joy of living while you are here. Throw yourself in the midst of Cuban life and culture at some of the most amazing beach destinations in Cuba.

    Varadero Beach

    Varadero has more than 20 kilometers of pristine beaches, and a ton of attractions both natural and artificial to keep you busy while you are not enjoying the wide strips of white sand, warm crystalline water and the countless cliffs, lagoons and caves. Varadero is the most popular beach in Cuba, and hence the most crowded too (there are over a hundred hotels in the vicinity of the beach), but you get the chance to mingle with the locals and enjoy the city’s nightlife.

    Cayos de La Herradura beaches

    Cayo Santa Maria, photo by Justin Otto on Flickr

    Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Ensenachos, along with Cayo Las Brujas form a group of small islands (keys) in Villa Clara Province, separated from the mainland through Buenavista Bay.

    As far as Cuban beaches go, these three are as close to paradise as you will ever get. The three cayos are quite secluded beaches where you can find solitude and quiet, enjoy the gentle blue sea and lose yourself in a peaceful natural haven.

    Cayo Largo beaches

    Cayo Largo del Sur is another great destination for those who like their beaches secluded and off the mainland. Cayo Largo is located in the Los Canarreos archipelago, which can boast of 60 kilometers of excellent beaches. There are several beaches on this small island, all with emerald green water and silky sand. Try Playa Sirena, Lindamar, Tortuga, Playa Blanca or Los Cocos.

    Santa Lucia

    Santa Lucia, photo by Aaron Escobar on Flickr

    Santa Lucia beach in Camaguey Province is a great getaway for those who want to avoid crowds but still like to see some life on the beach, as well as for those with a tight budget – seeing as Santa Lucia is one of the cheapest beaches in Cuba.

    There are few hotels in Santa Lucia and not much nightlife, but the beach is lovely and there are countless opportunities for beach sports and water sports.


    The three beaches of this quaintly named beach area (Guardalavaca means ‘guard the cow’ in Spanish, a heritage of the days when farmers had to hide their cows from raiding pirates) are equally beautiful, with soft sand shaded by the occasional tree, and calm water thanks to the coral reefs guarding the beach. Guardalavaca Beach, Playa Esmeralda and Playa Pesquero are great for family vacations, as well as for scuba diving.


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