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  • The amazing Varadero beach in Cuba

    Varadero beach, Cuba

    Varadero beach ©Mercado Viagens/Flickr

    As president Barack Obama is looking to normalize the relationship between the United States and Cuba, Americans can start envision themselves enjoying the sugar-powder-like sand of Varadero beach. If the US lifts the travel ban on Cuba, the beautiful and exotic island country of the Caribbean will instantly become a tourist hot spot.At the moment only charter flights can fly between the two countries, but when the ban is lifted the air will be open for all the major companies, including low cost airlines. Cruise lines will surely also put their eyes on Cuba and start ships to its beautiful cities and beaches.

    Things to know about Varadero beach

    So why you should book a flight to Varadero as soon as it is possible? Because it is a 36 km long beach strap of bright white sand first of all. Secondly because it already has got 45 hotels, a fact that makes it the biggest tourist resort on the whole area of the Caribbean – this means a total of about 17 thousand rooms.

    Some of the largest hotel chains have already opened their resorts on the Cuban beach. Some of them are Iberostar, Sol Melia or Barcelo, a number of others have already started the construction of their hotel of this promising tourist paradise. Melia Las Americas is probably the best resort in the area at the moment with rooms for $1,400 per night based on double occupancy, but if you are visiting on a low budget there are also beautiful spots where you can just raise your tent and relax in the sunshine.

    Melia Las Americas resort

    Melia Las Americas resort

    What to do on Varadero beach

    Apart from the great hotels there are lots of other things to see and do on Varadero beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba. You can go fishing to one of the 3 marinaras, can swim with the dolphins near the beach or take scuba diving lessons.

    Varadero beach, Varadero, Cuba

    Varadero beach Tony Hisgett/Flickr

    There is a beautiful submarine park you can also visit in a boat with glass bottom and also see and underwater submarine. There is a large number of activities awaiting you at the Varadero Golf Club, like ski diving, playing golf, go horseback riding, windsurfing and much more.

    Are you convinced yet? The amazing Varadero is the perfect destination for your summer holiday, but you should book your airfare to Cuba and your hotel in time, before everything sells out!

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