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  • The most amazing Brazilian travel destinations you’ve (probably) never heard of

    Ilha do Mel, photo by Lírica Aragão on Flickr

    One way to characterize Brazil is big. The largest country in South America, the fifth largest in the world, and largely unknown to tourists except for its world-famous destinations like Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Recife or Sao Paolo. Of course, there are many other amazing destinations in Brazil which are underrated to the point of being mostly unknown to foreigners, and which deserve a little more love. Next time you’re in Brazil, stray off the beaten path and check out some o the most amazing Brazilian travel destinations you’ve (probably) never heard of.

  • Brazilian beach towns for a perfect holiday


    Armação dos Búzios

    Winter can be cold and depressing for those who live in the temperate areas, but thankfully there are always some places where the summer sun never stops shining and where you can escape to if the winter blues are catching up with you.

    Brazil is an excellent destination if you want to take some time off and warm yourself up on a sunny beach. With a coastline of almost 7500 miles, there are many amazing beaches and beach towns in Brazil where you can retreat and renew your tan. Here’s our list of the best Brazilian beach towns for a perfect holiday.

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