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  • Tourist destinations made famous by literature

    Movies usually have a huge impact on the tourist flow into the locations where it was filmed or which appear in it, but Hollywood is not the only thing that can make a tourist destination even more famous.

    Best-selling books and classics of literature has also work miracles, and even if a picture says a thousand words, one well-written  paragraph can also say as much as a thousand pictures. So here is our list of some great tourist destinations that were made famous by literature.

    Kefalonia, Greece

    Captain Corelli’s Mandlin, the 1993 novel written by Louis de Bernières might not be all sunshine and rainbows as far as the story is concerned, but the striking descriptions of Kefalonia, one of the largest islands of Greece, are definitely attractive. Kefalonia has breath-taking scenery and small and friendly town that are just perfect for a summer vacation far from the bustle of the large cities.

    This island has mountains for those who like trekking, and great beaches for those who prefer to lounge in the sun. Horse riding through mountain trails, vineyards and deserted villages is one of the most exciting (and at the same time, romantic) activities that you can do on the island.

    Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Lucy Maud Montgomery’s series of novels set in the fictional Avonlea town of Prince Edward Island, Canada, have inspired many a tourist to visit this remote island where time seems to have stopped. The windswept coasts and sand dunes around the many scenic fishing villages are best explored on foot or on a bike. In addition to the compulsory visit to the Anne of Green Gables House in Green Gables, near Cavendish, there are many  more historic landmarks on the island.

    Many tourists come here because they are Anne fans, but even if you don’t care about the books, Prince Edward Island is one of the most timelessly exciting destinations in Canada.

    Transylvania, Romania

    Bram Stoker’s Dracula was probably the first gothic horror novel that specifically says that famous vampire’s home is in Romania. Transylvania, sadly though, is not particularly spooky, although there are enough castle ruins to satisfy anyone’s taste for the creepy. Bran Castle, one of the castles of  the ruler Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Dracula, is marketed as the vampire’s castle.

    While the castle is certainly interesting, there are several beautiful medieval cities in Transylvania that will please not only vampire fans, but also those who simply want to have a good time in a nice place.

    Castile-La Mancha, Spain

    The windmills that Don Quixote took for giants can still be seen in Castile-La Mancha, but these are only a tiny fraction of the tourist destination in the region. There are many historic towns in the La Mancha region, for example Guadalajara, Toledo and Ciudad Real.

    Although somewhat overlooked in favor of the tourist oriented southern Spain, La Mancha is a genuine tourist gem. Great food, great wine, tons of historical landmarks, museums and events, plus a lively nightlife – what more can you wish for?

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    What about Nothingham or Paris, Texas?

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