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  • Paris after the terrorist attack – is it safe to travel?

    Paris by night

    Paris by night ©Didier Bonnette/Flickr

    The terrorist attack from January 7 2015 on the offices of the Parisian satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo claimed 12 lives. The suspects of the attack were killed yesterday in a police raid after a huge manhunt across northern France but the events of last Wednesday raise several questions. One of the most important to answer is, is it safe to travel to Paris

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    Safety measures taken in France

    After the terrorist attacks the French government raised the terror threat of the country to the highest level, thus trying to prevent other attacks following the tragedy at Charlie Hebdo.

    Little girl with Je suis Charlie plate

    Little girl at ‘Je suis Charlie’ demonstration ©Valentina Cala/Flickr

    Extra safety measures were taken all over Paris as the authorities have increased police presence in many public places. Not only did they strengthen security near consulates or schools but also in the area of tourist attractions, department stores as well as on public transportation.

    You can see more police officers everywhere you go around the city, but that does not mean that one should be scared, they are there to make you feel safer, plus there are no signs that any other incident would occur.

    Warnings of other countries

    While the governments of other countries have warned their citizens to be extra cautious during their travels to France, or more correctly Paris, there is seemingly no risk in traveling to the city now.

    Police officers in Paris

    Police officers in Paris ©Roman Lashkin/Flickr

    The US State Department issued a warning for travelers worldwide. The warning says that considering recent terrorist attacks in different parts of the world, those visiting different countries should maintain a high level of vigilance. Similarly the British Foreign Office asks British tourists to take extra care especially in public places where security has been ramped up.

    Traveling to Paris

    Although the media was full of the Paris terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo worldwide, apparently the number of the visitors to the city did not decrease. As, fortunately, no other attacks occurred since, we can assume that it is safe to fly to Paris and to spend your vacation there.

    Let us know what your thoughts are on traveling safely to Paris and the other parts of the world these days.

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