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  • Top 5 Most Uncommon Museums in the World

    Museums preserve the worth-seeing objects representative for one field of activity or another and destined for the future generations to imagine the prior civilizations and their values. There are millions of museums scattered all over the world’s map that house history-soaked items or represent the national identity of a particular people. The art endeavourers or the tourists that burn with curiosity to know everything about a certain civilization or topic usually include in their itinerary at least a specific museum.

    Nevertheless, since the human ingenuity is boundless, lengthways time all sorts of museums featuring uncommon and sometimes mystic, strange objects or themes have appeared. Now, provided we managed to pique your curiosity, we present you the top 5 most uncommon museums on the globe.

    Goreme UFO Museum

    Taking into account aliens have always aroused everyone’s interest, a UFO Museum is sure to act like a magnet for tourists everywhere. Leaving aside the commercial aspect, the UFO Museum built in Turkey and more precisely, in Goreme is not only unique, but also very interesting. It is the home of a large compilation of articles extracted from newspapers as well as of a huge picture portraying an alien observing a human after having captured one. A tad spooky, isn’t it?

    Cat Museum

    While some people adore their furry, four-legged barking pets, the locals in Kuching, Malaysia have inaugurated an entire museum in the honor of cats. More exactly, it exhibits a huge amount of information on this beloved animal, including an inventory of the varied species and also the legend about the cats being buried alongside the Egyptian pharaohs.

    Tea & Coffee Museum

    The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum is located in the capital city of England; actually, it couldn’t be any other way since the English praise both the benefits of these crops and their aromatic taste. And let’s not forget about the five o’clock tea which is still a living tradition within the borders of the English territory. Coming back to the aforementioned museum, it harbours articles providing information on these plants, materials dating back in the British Empire period and pinpointing their commercial importance at the time as well as an impressive collection of tea pots and cups.

    The Museum of Witch Craft

    In spite of the eerie feeling a tourist might experience when venturing inside the Museum of Witch Craft in Cornwall, a tour on the corridors of this building is definitely worth every penny because you can gaze at magic potions, artifacts and you can also take a glance at books giving instructions on how to cast spells. Moreover, this museum has gained quite a reputation because it first opened its doors to the public back in 1951. In a nutshell, a visit here is both hair-raising and fun.

    The Museum of Bad Art

    If the Parisian museum Louvre is worldly reckoned for displaying an inestimable collection of valuable works of art, at the opposite pole lies the Museum of Bad Art on the American continent in Dedham Square, Massachusetts which exhibits many artists’ unsuccessful attempts of creating artworks. This museum was inaugurated in 1993 and ever since it has revealed every tourist’s critic side with the odd paintings putting a smile on everyone’s face.

    Briefly, all these five museums are great and unrivalled manners of spending your spare time when on a holiday and wandering in the world as they are a rich source of amusement… and thought-provoking in the same time.

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    peter TgAvatar
    peter wrote on June 25, 2009:

    I’d also like to recommend the “Gl├╝cksschwein Museum ” in Bad Wimpfen, Germany. This one actually presents a ton of piggy banks. I believe they have about 15,000 little piggies… very bizarre

    joe TgAvatar
    joe wrote on December 24, 2010:

    One more is the sexmuseum in Amsterdam

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