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    China is on the road to the first position when it comes to tourism. Over the last few decades, the tourism has flourished in this Asian country mainly because for 25 years in a row the Chinese customs had been closed. Only previously selected visitors were allowed to see the hidden beauty of the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays, many people crave for a tour in this country due to the unique and dazzling mixture of civilization, architecture and natural scenery. In the entire world there is nothing comparable to the landmarks of China. For example, the fame of the Great Wall of China has made the tour of the world. It is without any doubt China’s most impressive symbol. Moreover, it gives the tourists a hint regarding the Chinese’s character: they are not only well-organized, hard-hearted and skilful, but also hard-working.

    The Great Wall of China

    Coming back to the aforementioned landmark, the Great Wall of China is actually a defensive structure made of stone and earth and built up in the 5th century BC, in the northern part of the country, as a strategic solution to the Xiongnu frequent attacks. Yet, because of massive destruction, until the 16th century, this enormous building was often rebuilt. Nowadays, the Wall extends over 6400 km and many writers and astronauts claim it can be spotted from the outer space with the naked eye, under propitious weather. If you want to be the witness of many centuries of history, sacrifices and hard work, visit this architectural marvel. We recommend you the area in the Wall which stretches over Beijing because it has been recently renovated.

    The Forbidden City

    Another notable tourist draw in China is the Forbidden City, located in the heart of the capital Beijing. This towering palace is worldly renowned for its traditional Chinese architecture and it was the imperial residence for many centuries. Being regarded as the largest palace in the world, this building was furnished with many towers and gates. Moreover, it comprises squares of various dimensions. The palace was meant to emphasize the grandeur of the imperial house and reproduces many religious motives and traditional Chinese beliefs. If you’re an art consumer you should definitely stop by the Palace Museum, hosted by the Forbidden City complex and discover the spectacular and enormous collection of art works and crafts. There is a tremendous array of paintings, books and documents which have an outstanding artistic value. Furthermore, it is here that are gathered numerous porcelain, ceramic and bronze items which belonged to the Chinese dynasties. The City is surrounded by beautiful and refreshing gardens and parks which pinpoint the Chinese predilection towards the art of gardening. It is a proven fact that a promenade in the multicoloured gardens such as Beihai or Houhai, it’s the best solution when you want to escape the crowded, frenzied town.


    The capital of China itself offers the tourists endless cultural opportunities. Neither Shanghai nor Honk Kong stand up to the cultural prestige and beauty of Beijing. You should check out the Beijing Opera, the Great Hall of the People (currently the Parliament), the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace. However, Beijing is a frenetic, prosperous city and it features a number of interesting modern buildings and streets as well. For example, the Twin Towers, the Beijing Financial Street are dominating Beijing’s skyline. A tour in the capital is awe-inspiring. If you want to bring back home a fancy gift for your better half, go to the shops aligned on the Wangfujing Street. It is also the right place to taste a cup of the famous Chinese tea. You have the possibility to choose from a huge variety: green, black, white, black, flower tea, yellow, pressed, quick. In order to enjoy as many flavors as possible it’s better to take a sip of all the varieties. Nevertheless, one cannot leave China without having tasted their specific rice garnished with pork and soy sauces. The delicious seafood will make your mouth water.

    Terracotta Army

    The terracotta figures embodying horses and warriors that fought under the command of Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese Emperor, represent another famously beautiful touristic spot. This masterpiece was found in 1974 in the suburbs of Xi’an, Shaanxi. Due to the fact that the figures are human-like both in size and overall look, they give the visitors the impression they are surrounded by the Emperor’s soldiers themselves. The Army is worth seeing mainly for the striking reaction it creates.

    The Mountain Resort

    One of the most strident characteristics of the Chinese civilization is its confessed predilection towards the art of gardening. The meticulously adorned gardens are a peaceful oasis for the Chinese and the tourists alike and also an alternative to the impressive succession of skyscrapers in the largest cities of the country. In spite its name, The Mountain Resort is registered as being the biggest imperial garden on the globe. It is no wonder that it took almost 89 years for it to be finished. When planning a trip to this enormous complex, make sure you have enough time to get a glimpse of the temples and palaces rising here. For a long lasting impression, focus your visit on the well-known sights named after the Chinese Emperors.

    Hainan Island

    Finally, in order to whet your touristic appetite, we present you briefly another touristic hotspot: the Hainan Island. The sandy, hot beaches together with the azure sea and the coquettish parade of wooden sun umbrellas and palms have recently fueled a touristic boom in this island. So pack up your bathing suit and buy a one-way ticket to Hainan! The sun here is sure to leave you walking away with a golden tanned body. Go for a stroll along the sand and enjoy the sunny rays or swim in the warm sea.

    Regardless of the destination you chose when in China, make sure you book the tickets and the hotel rooms well in advance because the modes of transportation as well as the resort hotels might get crowded especially during holiday periods. All in all, China’s unique blend of old-world charm and innovation will leave you breathless.

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