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  • Top 5 Most Fun Roller Coasters All Along the USA

    Have you ever felt like escaping as fast as possible from the routine of your daily life? Has the idea of a non-conformist vacation already crossed your mind? If it has, there are many ways in which you can spice up a little bit your every-day existence. Many people seek for a vacation at the seaside, picturing themselves with a golden tan on the beach or at the mountains breathing the fresh air and skiing or snowboarding. But what’s the recipe for a more thrilling and crazy vacation? People who have been in an amusement park and have ridden a roller coaster just for one time, claim it is the best way to get your heart pumping and feel more alive than ever.

    Nevertheless, there are voices asserting that roller coasters are dangerous. However, studies showed that it is more likely to fall off your bed than to get hurt when riding a roller coaster. Now, assuming you are willing to take a chance and enjoy the ultimate ride that roller coasters can provide you with or you’re just curious about the experience itself, let’s move on top listing the five most fun roller coasters all along the United States.

    Kingda Ka, New Jersey

    On the top of the list dominates the tallest and the fastest roller coaster in the whole world: the ferocious Kingda Ka. Situated in New Jersey, at Six Flags Great Adventure, this monster train can reach 128 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. A ride with this particular roller coaster lasts no more than 28 seconds, but it’s more than enough to feel the adrenaline rush. It is a crazy ride that has it all: the passenger will climb an extremely tall tower, than will twist 90 degrees and finally he will turn over a 270 degree spiral. Before turning back to the station, the train makes a U-turn.

    Top Thrill Dragster, Ohio

    If you want a roller coaster journey with a thrill, it’s the hydraulically-launched Top Thrill Dragster that you have to choose. This strata coaster provides the riders with an integral circuit up to 499 feet height. It was built for the most daring riders and consists of thrilling drops, overwhelming speed and tall vertical loops. It must be stated that there are strict rules regarding the position of the passenger. Moreover, they are requested to wear the seatbelt and to put on their lapbar in order to be one hundred percent secured.

    Son of Beast, Ohio

    The second roller coaster to overarch the horizon of Ohio is the Son of Beast. As its symbolical denomination states, a ride with this roller coaster can turn into one of the most wild and soul-stirring experiences that a passenger can ever live. Due to the fact that it is the tallest and the fastest wooden roller coaster worldwide, the Sun of Beast offers the riders a rough, out-of-control journey, best teamed with a fearless passenger.

    Millenium Force, Ohio

    Another worthy mentioned roller coaster is Millenium Force, located in the heart of the amusement park Cedar Point in Ohio. Regardless of the fact that it has been outranked by its successor Top Thrill Dragster, both in height and speed, this steel roller coaster will definitely throw your hands up and will make you scream as loud as you can.

    Ghost Rider, California

    Since this wooden roller coaster in the Buena Park gives the riders the optimal combination of delirious airtime, smooth or thrilling drops, instinctive hands up, we included it on our top 5. It might not be the tallest or the fastest roller coaster, but it conquered the riders’ hearts by simply bringing on a fun experience.

    All in all, regardless of the roller coaster you choose, make sure you are ready to face your own fear and to enjoy the ride. Once you put your seatbelt on, there’s no turning back. Stop thinking about the harmful side of the journey and live the high speed moment. It is said that once you discovered the pleasure provided by roller coasters you will always jump back in line for more and more… Hence, have a fun journey!


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