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    Nowadays, millions of tourists from all the corners of the world choose as a holiday destination the exotic Philippines. Still, what pushes this Asian country on the first place in the top of the travelers’ preferences? What are this country’s secret weapons? Some of the foreign tourists who have already visited this country claim it’s the eclectic scenery, the greenery and the elegant seaside resorts that make the difference. Others, dreamier, assert the sun rises and sets down in seven thousand different, yet colourful ways every day, referring to the number of islands the Philippines is composed of. Our explanation is simple! The Philippines has it all: starting with sensational beaches, continuing with Mount Apo and the Chocolate Hills and ending with the frenetic metropolis scattered all over the archipelago.


    The vibrant capital city of the country, Manila is a touristic hotspot. It provides the tourists with a wide range of attractions. Firstly, the center of the capital is crowded with churches and museums and the tourists may get around these places in a horse-drawn carriage.

    Secondly, the immense Rizal Park has an historical importance: Dr. José Rizal, a national hero was killed here. Hence, if you’re fond of history, you have at least one reason to visit the park. Moreover, this Park hosts a number of Chinese and Japanese gardens, the National Museum of the Filipino People, and The National Library of the Philippines. For those of you who are interested in the species of orchids and butterflies that this country was endowed with, visit the exhibitions held at the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion. The capital houses also the Malacanan Palace, the impressive residence of the President of the Philippines. The traveler craving for recreational spots has various possibilities in Manila: Mehan Garden, Paco Park and Botanical Garden. Nevertheless, Manila showcases a conglomeration of skyscraper, piercing the azure sky and creating unique views over the capital. In the sector of Ermita, the tourists can enjoy their spare time by devouring a rich portion of Ginataang manok (chicken in coconut milk) or a tasty longganisa (sausage) in a fancy restaurant. In order to have a nonconformist, unforgettable night out, choose a bar or a discotheque in this particular sector.


    However, most of the tourists go for a vacation in one of the many seaside resorts in the Philippines.  The most popular beach and probably the most expensive one is Boracay. This beach boasts of nearly white sand, diamond-clear water and top-rated deluxe hotels. Thus, many celebrities stop by.

    This spot is also the perfect destination if you want to enjoy fiestas and in general, an unconventional night life. Moreover, both the refreshing cocktails and the light seafood will be a treat to your taste buds. The best thing about Philippines is that if you stop being interested in your destination place, you can go island hopping as there are many to choose from! As for daily activities, you have plenty of possibilities. You can go boating around the island and then scuba diving, you can swim and tan your skin or you can simply go for a walk and leave your footprints in the sand. And let’s not leave the spas out, shall we? The massages are the top choice for the tourists seeking for relaxation.

    It is said that the Filipinos are very hospitable and jolly. Hence, make Boracay your next holiday destination.


    If you to happen to be in the Philippines, you cannot miss Cebu by no means. It is a tropical island that meets the tastes of all tourists. As beautiful as it is welcoming, this tropical island is the home of many luxurious hotels, casinos, shopping markets and parks. The center of the Cebu City is dotted by the old Basilica of Santo Niño, whereas in the Pier Area rises the popular defensive building Fuerza de San Pedro. However, if the expeditions around the world have always captivated you, visit Magellan’s Cross, host by a chapel on the Magallanes Street. Cebu is a laidback destination famous for its festivals, too. For example, the Mantawi Festival is a joyful parade with locals leading the way, playing the drums and dancing and tourists being invited to join the festival as well. It is no wonder that afterward-parties last until dawn.

    Malapascua Island

    In spite of being quite small, this island is a paradise. Given the fact that man has come upon it recently, it’s not that populous. Hence, it becomes a perfect destination for those of you who want to escape the crowded places. Moreover, the rocky white plateaus, the golden sand together with the pink coral gardens are the pledge of a successful holiday. Nevertheless, most of the tourists choose Malapascua mainly for Monad Shoal, a subaquatic plateau where sharks and colourful fish can be regularly spotted.

    This is only a little slice of the Philippines’ unique ambiance. It is exactly for this reason that the country is referred to as the place where everybody sports a smile! Both the maintained landscape and the friendly people make it an excellent getaway.

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