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posted by erikatrtkova on 29 Aug 2009
flight quote
Hello there,

I am searching for a flight ticket from USA (Minneapolis/St.Paul ideally) to Johannesburg or Cape Town (South Africa) fly there 19th October and fly back from South Africa some day in January (my stay can`t extend 90 days though). I can have the return flight to some European city as well since I am from Czech republic and so all options would be convenient for me...the low price is the key! :)

Hope you can offer me some good deal,

thank you very much,

Kind regards,
Erika Trtkova
zlori responded to flight quote on 31 Aug 2009
Hi there,

I did a search for Minneapolis (MSP) to Johannesburg (JNB), the 19th of October 2009 to the 11th of January 2010 and the best price I have found was $1274.70 (a Northwest Airlines flight provided by cFares). To repeat this search go to the main page of this site:
enter your search details and hit "search multiple sites".

I also did a search on Kayak, the best price they have is $1282.
Please let me know if you have any further questions!


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